defective drain tile

rookiehomeownerAugust 2, 2006

I am in a brand new home and have no water draining in to the sump well even after 6 inches of rain. Should I use a snake or call in the experts. THe house is only a year old. The builder has filed for bankruptcy and has moved out of city. Could someone advise on what to do..thanks

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So you are saying that even after heavy rain that no water is found in the sump well? It is a shame the builder filed for bankruptcy as they would be the people to call. Perhaps they did not install the footing drain properly and their is nothing around the sump well but dirt.

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The footer drain may not be connected to the sump intentionally. In many cases the footer drain is connected directly to a storm drain and the sump is provided merely in the event there would be any seepage through the basement wall. The tile you see entering the sump pit may be coming from another floor drain.

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