Dehumidifier Woes.

ken06August 3, 2013

I'd be grateful for any suggestions or advice. I live in a home that was built rather well. It has a daylight basement ( 1/2 the basement is below grade 1/2 ground level). I use a dehumidifier but only for a few months during the summer. In less than 8 years every dehumidifier(4 of them) has not lasted more that 1 and a half years. All have been replaced or reimbursed by either manufacture or credit card warranty.

Unit 1 was a Whirlpool. Units 2,3 and 4 were GE. I really don't want to spend 1,000 plus for a Santa Fe because it will only get light use. Has anyone had a better experience with these beasts that they would be willing to make a recommendation?

Thank you.

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Frigidaire FAD704DUD. Prices vary widely. Some online sellers have better prices than others.

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Thanks bus_driver I will check it out.

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just got one (Frigidaire) on $240...then went into club and bought 3 year contract for $24.

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Thanks andrelaplume2. Looks 2 votes for Frigidaire. I did notice on Frigidaire's website the unit has a 5 year refrigeration warranty. Before I make any moves I will call GE to see if they offer similar coverage.

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I have a couple of Wood's dehumidifiers, now about 20 years old and in constant use. But there seems to be no distribution in the US of residential units.

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I have read bad things about the manufacturer warranties so check it out. Sams club may be no better...not really sure. Other things than the compressor could go. You likely will have to pay to have it shipped for repair....not sure....I do not recall if my Sams club warranty is from day one or from when the manufacturers expires but for $24 I took a chance...I thought they said they would give me a one time sams club credit for what I paid should something fail....pick up a pamphlet and call...

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Frigidaire makes a great 50 or 70 pint dehumidifier, however some have complained about drainage issues. Others have said there is an easy fix for the drainage issue so all things considered, Frigidaire gets high marks from users. See more here:

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