Ground water issue and french drains

obadranAugust 29, 2011

I have a split level house with the lower level half below grade. Overall, the lower level is about 25x25 where the family room is 25x13 and an office and laundry area on the other half (25x12).

Thanks to Irene, I've realized the water issue was more a ground water problem than rain coming in through the foundation wall. The water was coming up through the crack/gap between the slab and the foundation wall in a couple places as well as one the injection holes that exterminator folks drill through the slab (or what ever they are called).

I realize a perimeter french drain system would catch that, but would I also need french drains buried under the slap, lets say down the center portions of the slab.

The other problem is that the family room is totally finished off and I don't want to rip in to the floor and walls (to expose the foundation wall). The other half (office and laundry) are in the process of being updated and the floors are not finished.

Would it be sufficient to just put in a sump pit or at least put a single french drain down the center of the whole 25x25 slab (I won't have to disturb the family room floor for this) leading to the sump pit?

Basically, is there a way to deal with the ground water and not have to touch the family room?

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Ground water relates to the water table. Weeping tiles (French drain) around the perimeter or cut down the middle of the slab won't help much with that.

But it sounds like you were dealing with surface water from the tropical rainfall.

In one place I had just built I thought I was dealing with ground water in a big storm. Water was running in the six inches of gravel under the basement slab to the floor drains. On investigation, I found the source was a single downspout that was dumping the deluge directly beside the foundation. The water appeared under the slab but originated from the rain storm above.

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