Okeefe and Merritt burner problems

farmkatzApril 21, 2011

I don't know if I should be asking this on this particular forum. I apologize if not. I have an O'Keefe and Merritt stove from early 50's. Have been using it for 25 years. Until recently I did not have the stove top pilot lights lit because it takes a long time for the burners to ignite so it was just easier to turn on a knob and stick a match to it. When the pilot light is on, occasionally the burners will ignite right away but most of the time I an smell propane long before the burners ignite. And when they do, they light with a whoosh - flame on! Decided it's time to sell the house and thought it would be a nice touch if the burners lit without a match! We now have the pilot lights on and cannot figure out why the burners ignite quickly some of the time but more often than not it takes forever. The burners are definitely getting propane to them, we can smell it, and we an even see the flame at the side of the simmer ring. The burners just don't go ahead and ignite. Everything has been cleaned inside and out. I hate the electronic ignition on the newer stoves and I don't really expect this one to light like a new stove anyway, however, the Okeefe and Merritt takes so long it scares me to death. Anyone know what is wrong?

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I suggest that you call the local gas company with your question. They might even send someone out to check it for you.

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If you google Vintage stove repair, you will find several forums and lots of information. You need a repair person if you are leaving the stove with the house.

You can also post your question on the appliance forum.
Good luck.

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We need more information to help diagnose your problem and to suggest hints. First, what sort of pilot system do you have? Are there small individual pilots at each burner, or is there a large central pilot light that is shared by 4 burners? A central pilot light will have light-off tubes running from each burner to the pilot.

I agree. Light-off should happen within about 1 to 2 seconds. Long delays are not good.

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There are four cross tubes from the burner to the pilots.

Remove the cross tubes and check the orifice that is directly inline with the cross tubes. If those orifices are even partially blocked up they will cause the type of problem you are having. You can use a broom straw to clean orifice

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