Help, Rain coming into basement.

summerblueAugust 21, 2011

We have been having alot of rain these past few weeks. Heavy rains. Water has been coming through between the floor and wall on the outside wall. I tried caulking with a waterproof masonery caulk last week.

Today we are having another heavy rain. Water is coming through again but only in one spot now. Who do I call to fix this? Do I need someone to work on the wall inside the basement or is this something that needs to be addressed from the outside? I honestly do not know who to call or how to go about this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ideally you would address this from the outside with a proper weeping tile (if there is not one already), but many companies will opt for an interior weeping system because it avoids the costly excavation costs.

Do you currently have a sump pump?

Is it working?

How old is the home?

Do you have proper grading on the landscape to get the water diverted away from the home?

Are their gutters and downspouts and are they diverted away from the home?

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Hi, Thanks for your help. Not sure what a weeping tile is but just looked it up. I don't know if there is one but tomorrow a friend is going to dig a bit around the foundation so we can get a look at what is happening there.

No, there isn't a sump pump, I just looked that up also. See, I don't know anything about the foundation of the house and proper drainage.

The house is a small rancher, built in 56. For the most part it looks as though it is graded away from the house but there is one area, on the patio not far from where the leak is that water does puddle when it rains. The gutters are clear and the rainspout is at the back of the house and running freely.

There is small azalea plant and was wondering if that could be causing problems as it it near the house. There is a tree not too far away and was wondering about the roots from that also.

I talked with my brother and he thinks the tree needs to be removed. If that is the case I will do that. So, what do I do? Do I have the cement graded away from the house where it puddles, or call someone to dig out the foundation? I have no idea who to call.

I really appreciate your response to me. This is not something I have ever had to deal with and I hope I can get it under control before it gets out of hand.

Thanks again.

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on the patio not far from where the leak is that water does puddle when it rains.

If this is an interlock or stone patio, time to start lifting it. Clearly, there seems to be a relationship.

Only if the tree roots are working their way through the foundation is there any purpose in removing a tree.

Proper grading simply means there's adequate fall away from the foundation on all sides. Also, the downspouts should drain far way from the house; better than the standard splash pads are underground straight pipes connected into drainage pipes.

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The patio is large cement blocks like you would see on a sidewalk. They go right up against the house. There arn't any cracks or holes in the cement.
The tree root has pushed up part of one of the cement blocks but it is not near where the water puddles or where the water seems to be coming into the basement. It is barley noticeable but I am sure that is what is directing some of the water towards the house.
My question is who do I call? A concrete company, or a basement waterproofing company. If I do have cracks in the foundation who do I call? I do appreciate both of you for your help.

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A sidewalk is poured concrete, so you can't remove it without destroying it. Mudjacking, in which grout is pumped under the concrete to lift or level it, is a possibility, but it may be cheaper to remove and replace.

If you can't do the work yourself, you need a contractor knowledgeable in basement waterproofing.

The trouble is that they will likely want to excavate at least one side of your foundation to waterproof it instead of taking half measures when the "cure" may simply be a little bit of regrading.

Patios and sidewalks poured next to a home are often a source of leaks as the builder has not prepared the ground properly by compacting the soil in stages. As a result, it ends up sloping towards the home. The 1964 house I'm living in now is a perfect example. The front porch is a 20x20 ft. slab that has dropped near the house three inches, providing a wonderful sluiceway to the porous basement walls every time it rains. Instead of waterproofing, the po put the basement finished floor on sleepers, so the water that leaks in remains out of sight. Just enough to rot the wood and feed mould.

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I figured that the cement blocks would have to be torn up and replaced if it was under the foundation.

I can't do the work myself. I am afraid of a contractor telling me that it will be a big job when it is really something simple.

I think that the ground next to my house is settling some too. Not real noticeable but I was out there today looking around and I think it is.

The rain getting in and eventually getting under the floor causing mold also is a concern of mine.

I didn't have my friend dig around the foundation today. I was thinking it might make it worse and we are expecting alot of rain this weekend. I guess I will wait and see if my caulking helped any before I start looking further into it.

Thanks again!

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