dgmarieAugust 1, 2006

We have a problem with pill bugs (rolly pollies to you and me) in the basement. It is a large, finished basement with no evidence of any moisture problem. We have a faily large pillbug population outside as evidenced by what I see under the outdoor mats and urns. When these guys get in, they die pretty quick, but it is a nuisance to be constantly vaccuming them up. We're talking about a couple dozen or so. Not hundreds. I see them mostly in the storage area which is where the sump pit is. Could they be coming in from the outside ejector hose and into the sump pit and out into the basement? I occasionally see them under the door on the first floor laundry room. The laundry room is tight, no water is coming in. But somehow they do. My husband thinks they are coming in the weep holes at the bottom of the house's brick exterior. Any luck getting rid of them?

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Perhaps through gaps around doors and windows. One of my customers had them coming in below the door threshold, which had some gaps that wereen't readily visible. Also, check to make sure it's sealed/insulated behind the trim casing, especially near the floor.

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