Moisture Barrier to Brick wall help

nagstakupdxAugust 3, 2007

Hi, a friend is having me install a moisture barrier in his crawl space that has a brick perimeter. Looking on the internet it looked like I should just use industrial adhesive to glue the vapor barrier to the brick wall. Well, I did a section yesterday and now that its dry today i see that polyurethane adhesive wont bond to polyethylene plastic. Also, it did an ok job of binding to the brick, but i am able to grab a corner and peel the whole dried strip of glue off the wall because the glue just pulls the surface of the brick its stuck to off with it.

so what is the best solution? I have friend who says i should try to mount a wood base board to the brick wall and attach the barrier to that, but I'm not looking forward to that. Also, the tarp still won't stick to the glue.

thanks in advance, and i can supply pics if needed but i think its straight forward enough.

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Anchor some pressure treated 1x lumber to the wall with tapcons.
Fasten the plastic to that.
The small perimeter will not allow very much penetration.

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