White glass piece found in the barn - can you tell me what it is?

kim0201April 3, 2011

Can you help me identify this glass object with a spout which I found in the barn? Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery glass object

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Well silly us - husband finally figured out it had something to do w/ a mixer and after more research, I answered my own question. It's a juicer accessory for a Sunbeam mixer which had belonged to his grandmother years ago.

Apologies for my unnecessary post. :) Back to more barn cleaning.

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Fori is not pleased

I hope you can find the rest of the mixer!

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I have pic of 1 similar that has a juicer piece over the hole there in middle. It's shown in Jadite green with the mixer & it is really an old looking never used in box(they probably took 1 look & decided it was too scary to use!!) It has the black cord crossing right where handle is & base of mixer has a large cut out section at back of it. I can't see top part of your spout, this 1 is curved before the spout & spout has glass almost over top of it so liquid comes out the side close to top. I've seen Sunbeam ones at Antique Mall & they are a little newer than this model. I really like them tho. They had nice lines & very practical. My 5 yr old Sunbeam Mixmaster is a pain, hard to get beaters out, have to push in to get bowl out from under or if up have to push to get it in to position to mix. A real pain & hard on my poor fingers. Kitchenaid much easier to use. If you find the whole thing it will probably work great!! I think the juicer must go on sideways & bowl catches juice. I think you hold the half of citrus against the center part that is missing. Looks like center of a reamer.

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Thanks for the postings - No sign of the mixer or the other pieces to the juicer just yet but there is still a lot to look thru. Definitely will keep looking.

Thanks again.

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