So... Funny thing happened when I moved into a new place...

nyonceDecember 8, 2008

Ok, this one is complicated. I hope someone can help.

I moved into a new apartment that requires renters insurance. No prob, I figured. Little did I know I'd actually need it days later.

On the 3rd day of living there, I get a phone call from the propert/office manager demanding I come home from work... There had been a fire. Turns out my neighbor left a candle burning and almost burned the whole place down. Fortunately, the only real damage he did was to his apartment, and some mild smoke and water damage to ours. At first, everything is cool. The restoration company said it would only take a few days (2-3 tops... His words). The restoration company put me up in a hotel (that insurance would reimburse). That was a week ago yesterday. Talking to the restoration company now and they say it will be a week and a half before all the insurance companies involved will coordinate and get everything apraised. Could be fixed by sometime next month!

Honestly though, I'm getting the run around from the restoration company (wasn't until today I heard this), insurance (who won't do squat until it's apraises) and the apartment complex (who feel it's not their problem)

I've been pretty patient up until this point... But now that there's no sign of this ending anytime soon, and my "personal expenses" being depleted as the days go by... My question is: what do I do? Do I demand the apartment put me in a new unit? If one isn't available, do I demand to get our money back and find new housing? Do I yell at the restoration company to hurry up (eventhough they're the only place that's actually helped so far?)

Oh, I should also mention that my fire-friendly neighbor....yeah, he's not actually covered like he was supposed to be. Not sure if he faked it or just didn't pay. So he's not going to pay any of my deductable unless things to to court (which is a whole other can of worms).

So yeah... Now I'm in a hotel... Running down the clock with no idea where to turn. I've been here longer than I was in the apartment... Stuff is still boxed! Any thoughts? It would be very appreciated!


Ps. I wrote this from my phone (my only source of entertainment right now)... So I apologize for the poor grammar and spelling.

Ps. I wrote this on my phone, please forgive any spelling or

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If you want to get out of your lease, then send your LL a letter giving a (reasonable) date by which your place must be fully restored or you'll leave. You did not sign on for a hotel room and while it may be the Ritz, and 'free', it's not a home. However, you also should speak to a lawyer and find out if you can make such a demand (and get away with it), and/or what to do otherwise if not. And what about negotiating with the LL on some perks (free pk'g x 6 mos?) in return for your not going away?

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"The restoration company put me up in a hotel (that insurance would reimburse)."

Did you get it in writing? Hope you don't get stuck with the hotel bill. Whose name is in? If it is in your name you are legally responsible to pay it in full if you contracted for the room. Don't rely on a verbal promise from the restoration company. Also check your insurance policy to see IF they even pay for hotel expenses and/or if there is a cap on the total amount they will pay up to.

Stay in contact with your insurance company. Call them daily. Find out the lease laws in your area to see if you are released from your obligation. There must be a landlord tenant group in your area to call for quick info. No one here can tell you anything specific without knowing the laws in your city/state.

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Hmmm. No update. First and only post. I hope everything turned out OK?

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