Etched Cut Glass/Crystal Bowl

drtechsApril 14, 2010


Can anyone please tell me if they know ANYTHING about this Bowl. It has a slight Olive Green tint to it, it stands 5-1/2" Tall and the Top Diameter measures 10" Across. The Bottom measures 5" across and has the Outer/Bottom Cuts which are 3" Long and are around the entire Bowls Bottom. On the Outside of the Bowl, on the side, it has an Etching of Leaves with the Stem, which also is around the entire Bowl. My Mother has owned this Beautiful Bowl for about 25 - 30 Years [or more as she is not exactly sure before this time mentioned]. ANY help with identifying this Bowl is GREATLY Appreciated in advance.

Thank You !!

URL to Pictures of Bowl:


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The bowl and the plate are not a "set"...the pattern and the class are not the same.
I don't believe that the bowl is "cut glass" it's a bowl with a molded "cut style" pattern embellished with hand cut engravings.
I don't know the maker, but 1970 or so would be a good guesstimate as to time period.
It's very pretty and I'll bet it's lovely filled with berries.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I know the Platter is not the match. That was the only picture I had for this Bowl. There are no markings on it anywhere. Thanks For Your Time.

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Fori is not pleased

My mom has a bowl that matches your platter. It was her grandmother's fruit bowl. Not that that helps you at all!

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