Look what I did with my best souvenir spoon!

alisandeApril 10, 2011

A while back, I posted about spoons collected by my grandmother, an opera singer.

Here's the thread.

Among the photographs I've exhibited over the past year are two closeups of relief portraits from the Actors Fund Fair spoon. The portraits measure one-half to three-quarters of an inch; the photos are 8x10 in 16x20 frames. I skipped the largest female portrait because I didn't think most people would like her stern expression to hang in their house. Here's a couple of snaps of what they look like:

Gotta love a good macro lens! :-)

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And an artist who knows how to use it and print and frame the pictures!
Great stuff!
Spoons eh??? LOL!
Linda C

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Very different! Make great pics, you'll be asked if they are your relatives! I take it 1 in center is!! Nice work & glad spoon became something useful!

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The art is much more impressive than the spoons - & a far better way for their detail to be appreciated. Beautiful!

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Those are wonderful. I live amongst a small sea of actors. Do you continue to do these?

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Paige, I've done similar closeups of other silver spoon details, but recently I've been working on digitizing my dad's negatives from the 1940's--an entertaining and fascinating project.

Thanks for your nice comments, everyone!

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me this thread pops to the top and I see the subject line again, my heart almost stops. My thoughts go to....please tell me some fool didn't make a ring out of their best spoon!!
Then I see the lovely photos and I relax!
Linda C

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