My Tiffany silver plate find this weekend

javaandjazzApril 14, 2012

Stopped at an estate sale this morning and lately I have been going over and looking at silver. I picked up these forks and knives(9 forks and 5 knives). I saw the tiffany mark and the EP for electroplate but I figured what the heck. They were only asking $20 for the set. They were so tarnished. Found out it's called English King.

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Cool!!!! $20 for 14 pieces?? yeah!! I could do that!
They are really beautiful....I have a hunch you will spend well more than $20 buying more in that pattern!

Years ago, I bought 8 Sterling forks for $1 each.....
I now have in that pattern 24 dinner forks....28 knives, 14 gumbo spoons, 14 salad forks, 5 boullion spoons, 11 butter knives, 11 cocktail ladels serving spoons and forks etc etc!!

You have a good start!! LOL! Enjoy, it's lovely!
Linda C

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Fori is not pleased

Oh yeah. You need spoons and serving utensils and...

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Good find...& an extra bonus for the knives! Old knives - especially by a famous maker with original SP blades in good condition - are getting hard to come by.

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Now I can feel like the Vanderbilts when I eat! LOL

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Beautiful! I love it when someone gets a great deal. But you know you're going to need cocktail forks, and pie forks, and demitasse spoons, and five o'clock spoons, and . . . ;)

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only if I find it at bargain prices will I add the set! I already have a set of wallace buckingham. I found the tiffany set in wallingford, CT and also the wallace set too. In this area is also Meriden and years ago that was the silver capitol with all the silver companies there. I wish I can find more sets at the estate sales.

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