First lease violation after 8 years! Help,advice needed

iloveexerciseDecember 10, 2008

We have lived at the same apartment complex for 8 years.

We are ideal tenants~always pay rent on time,never loud or disruptive to other tenants,keep the place and yard clean.

Yesterday I find a handwritten envelope on our door with our address on it.Curious I open it and find VIOLATION OF LEASE paper from my complex stating how our grill (which has been sitting in the same place the last 3 years!) is a violation because it is not 25 ft away from the building.

Note: we dont use it THAT close to the building,but if it is to be stored 25 ft away from the building as this paper states it should be,it will be in the middle of the sidewalk!

My husband is furious because he says alot of other people's grills are the same and why arent they getting this letter.

Anyways,we got rid of the stupid grill.My husband took it to work with him.(he works in a warehouse)

So,here is my question:

First,could we be in trouble for this violation? I have never had one before,so I have no idea.

Two,do they really expect people to leave their grills that far away where someone could easily steal it?

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Just tell them you got rid of it... what do you think they'll do after all, lose a great tenant because of that? Their insce. co. probably made some noise last week so they felt they had to make a show of safety issues. And how do you know the others didn't get letters too?

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It could have been something as simple as a Fire Marshall's inspection that triggered the notice about the grill. Or a local Building Inspector. Violations that fall under those mandates can bring LLs a lot of grief. I'm betting everyone pertinent got the letter, and those that don't comply will be facing issues. No doubt you're just fine now and will have no further worries since you complied with their request.

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Thanks guys for the replies :)
Lucy,I dont know others didnt get a letter.However,their grills are still in the same place resting right beside the building.(not 25 ft away,LOL)

I heard from one of the maintaince men that they have a new Property manager who is real anal about stuff,so that is probably why.He probably will say something to the others,mine is just right out there easier to see (I live right by the maintaince department)so he just got to us first.
Appreciate you taking the time to help me with my question!!!

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