So I got ripped off by a landlord

ihatenoiseDecember 11, 2009

I got into this rental house july 1st 2009. It was up for sale so it was a month to month luckily. I paid everything $100 in cash and $1150.00 with a cashiers check from my credit onion. I even paid a $550month ahead because I didn't know if it was gonna go through or not. So we finished moving out october 1st. The real estate agent we worked with was excellent. His agent pretty much tryed to help him get his place sold, but he wouldnt budge on my offers. After the 2nd try I gave up. I just ended up finding too many things I didn't like about the place. That agent ended up dropping his listing because he wouldn't do as asked. This agent went threw hell and back to get us threw that miserable FHA loan!

Rent was technically $525 but wanted to milk me me for being able to use the washer and dryer for $25. I thought well I guess its better then dragging stuff to a laudromat. Some things didn't work like the air conditioner condensor fan outside was not spinning, I ended up fixing that for under $30 it was a Bad capacitor. I did get reimbursed for that.

It also had a centipede problem. So bug spray was always handy. The Bathroom sink drain was very slow and ended up plugging up. I fixed that in under 5 minutes. I always trimmed and had the grass cut. The oven was VERY filthy, I have never seen one that bad! I ended cleaning that with oven cleaner. I think it took at least 4 tries to get the job done. The circuit breaker box had smoke coming out of it. Called fire department think they had 4 fire trucks out in the street. The circuit breaker failed and basically melted the aluminium buss bar in the circuit box. Happened on a wednesday, thursday I hear from landlord saying it has to be fixed by friday. The smell was horrible! Suprisingly the circuit panel did get replaced. I did keep circuit breaker as evidence and took pictures and got pictures of the circuit panel when the electrician had the cover off. If I wouldnt of been home and able to turn the switch off on the furnace it could have been much worse.

If I wouldnt of called the fire dept it would of never got fixed and it would of put other properties at risk.

So on move out I cleaned the rugs with a carpet cleaner and cleaned up everything. I also took pictures and video shots inside and out, and mentioned that when I called to give a new address.

I did go to an attorney / lawyer, no response to letter sent to him from attorney / lawyer. So its going to end up in court. I will update after that happens. So otherwise I am glad I don't have to rent anymore. My lesson here is don't ever pay for a month ahead of time. There are some bad landlords out there, I recommend checking them out. Just as there are bad tenants also. I think I addressed everything hopefully, and explained well enough.

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From the beginning of your second sentence "So we finished..." your story becomes a mystery. No idea from there on what happened, so I give up trying!

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Well I think that part probably should of been put somewhere else. Like I said I do have a problem explaining things, and I didnt know where to put that part anyways.

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Why is this going to court? What is going to court? Does the landlord owe you money, like your security deposit? Or is the landlord claiming that you owe money? Or something else?

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Honey, read it over again very carefully - have you left out the specific sentence that actually says what happened (not about all the other stuff, but whatever the transaction, or notice, or conversation is where your problem began? You say you finished up, and talk about the RE agent, which makes it sound like you did not make a deal, but next thing we come to is that you did move in, and from there it just gets more and more confusing.

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ihatenoise, I'd be interested in hearing why this went to court as well.

fotostat, why do you make a habit of calling people names on this forum? You've asked questions here and no one called you stupid for posting. If you don't have any valid input, why bother?

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moonshadow, I call it the way I see it. If honesty hurts your feelings, get off the internet.

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You're not hurting my feelings.
Seems more like bullying behavior hiding behind the guise of 'honesty' and the anonymity of the internet. If it makes you feel superior to berate others, go for it. But bear in mind from the reader's perspective, it's impossible to assign validity to comments like that or respect the source, KWIM?

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It may be honest, but it's also nasty and so unnecessary. No one solicited your opinion, but if you need to give it, can't you be civil?

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For some of you that are having a difficult time, yes the landlord owes me money.

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If you needed clarification just ask. Do you pop off like that when your not on the internet?

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I'm trying to figure this out ihatenoise. ;)

This sentence from you last paragraph seems to be key:
My lesson here is don't ever pay for a month ahead of time.
But then in the first paragraph you said this:
I even paid a $550month ahead because I didn't know if it was gonna go through or not.

Are you saying that you yourself made an offer to purchase, and while waiting for all the red tape to go through (FHA loan approval, written offers to owner) you went ahead and paid an extra month? And you did that to allow time for the financing to be approved and offer accepted? Only owner didn't accept your offer, but then he didn't return the extra rent you paid either?

Sorry, that's the best I can conclude without more details.

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Foto - not everyone is as lucid and erudite as you are in writing. In fact, some people have a hard time, especially when (understandably) emotional, and don't always get the flow just right. But who the heck do you think you are to criticize - considering how terrific you think you are you should be able to figure out what she said after all!

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I never said I was terrific or great at writing, I simply called a spade a spade.

You can continue to deny that all you want, it won't make a bit of difference.

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The thread is about getting ripped off by a landlord, unless you are discussing that issue or how stupid the thread starter is for not being able to convey that issue, you are trolling.

Since you called me a troll, I'll address that.
Do you even bother to read?? Look above, I'm discussing it. (In fact that's the second time on this forum you've gotten snarky with me and clearly each time there is an issue with comprehending what is written.)

Maybe the OP doesn't want to post more because you're trashing them and this thread.

Keep this up and I am going to lock this thread and ban you all.
If you even remotely knew what you were talking about, you'd know threads at GW don't get locked as on other boards. They either get edited for content or pulled entirely. Now if a real GW Mod were called in here and saw how you've treated another member and called them stupid (against the TOS here), it would probably be your inbox that a Friendly Reminder and threat of exile shows up in.

If you can't contribute something worthwhile, why not just ignore it. The OP has a problem they obviously thought worthwhile to bring up. Your belittling them under the guise of 'calling it like you see it' is a complete waste of space.

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ihatenoise, your original message said "This agent went threw hell and back to get us threw that miserable FHA loan!"

Hun, if you have an FHA Loan you are paying a mortgage, not rent. Moved out or not, you bought the place and have to keep paying for it until you sell it.

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