Breaking the Lease in my GROSS Aparment

listgirlDecember 11, 2007

I signed my lease in October of 2007 and have regretted ny decision ever since. My kitchen counters, floors, clothes closets, and cabinets are wrought with mice pellets every morning, and the infestation of the mice is so extensive that I see them during the day and at night when all the lights are on. I maintain a very clean living space, but maintenance (I've called them on four seperate occasions -I keep records - only since October - only for them to arrive and leave flimsy glue traps and inform me that another maintenance person has to fill the empty holes where the mice may hide) has not taken the proper steps to prevent the infestation of mice, and their extermination techniques are menial at best. Additionally, when I moved into the apartment, the stove was absolutely filthy and filled with grease. Furthermore, the Property Manager is rude and barely responsive in her dealings with current tenants. Moving into my unit has been the worst mistake I have ever made in terms of housing. I want to break my lease but feel it's impossible since there are currently many vacancies in my unit now (I checked the apartment's website to verify this information) and people would want to know why the rent is so cheap (any wonder why, what with the crime, loud neighbors, and dirty landscape). So my other choice would be to call a lawyer and try to break a lease. But how realistically can I expect to break my lease with a lawyer's assistance? I live in Maryland and would appreciate any advice anyone could provide as far as Maryland tentant's rights and breaking a lease due to rodent problems and potential health issues. etc. Thank you.

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I found the following from Maryland Landlord Tenant Laws:

Q -"Can I break the lease if management doesnÂt properly maintain the property?"

A -The answer is that it depends. If the property is so poorly maintained that it is no longer tenable to live there, a tenant may be able to go into District Court under the Rent Escrow Law (and in Baltimore City, under the Warranty of Habitability) and have a judge void the lease. In addition, if a tenant vacates a property because of the severity of the conditions, the tenant may be able to sue the landlord for constructive eviction and have the court void the lease and give the tenant money damages. The remedies of Rent Escrow, Warranty of Habitability and Constructive Eviction are somewhat complicated and it is advisable to seek assistance before proceeding. BNI, the Legal Aid Bureau (for income eligible clients), Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (for income eligible clients), or a private attorney may be able to provide you with more detailed information tailored to your particular situation. [Normally, the remedy for poor maintenance is to file a complaint with the local housing inspectors and/or to send a letter by certified mail to the landlord noting the items you want repaired. Then, if the landlord has not complied with the violation notice or repaired the property within a reasonable time, and if the repairs needed are substantial, it is possible to petition the court, in a rent escrow process, (and/or warranty of habitability process in Baltimore City) to have the rent money placed into an escrow account until all repairs are completed.]

Actually, the laws are very easy to navigate and get answer to your questions (compared to many states). You can view the full content here: Landlord-Tenant Law

Another page from that site:
Tips from the Experts on Landlord Tenant Law

Contact #'s are included as well. It's a good guide to help you out with whom to contact (including attorneys/legal aid, etc.)

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call an exterminator and fix the problem

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If you really want to move and I would. I would set up a video camera to tape the mice running around day and night and the droplets. I don't think a judge would begruge you for not wanting to live with mice especially if they get the visual. Its unsafe anyway since rats can carry diseases.

Its good that you have been keeping records. Seems like you have given them more than enought time to fix the mouse problem (all they need is steel wool and the spray stuff that expands to seal any possible entrances.

I would go to court to get the lease broken and move out. Just an FYI if the apartment being shown is dirty and the appliances are filthy RUN the other way, they will be lousy landlords with lousy apartments.

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Why did you move into a dirty apartment in the first place?????

I'd talk to a lawyer.

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