Pleeeease help!! Dirt + Rats = concrete??

drmcgaheyAugust 18, 2006

Hi....Really hoping someone can help.

I don't have much technical knowledge but will do my best to provide details of my problem.

My home was built in 1977. Split level. The basement is finished but there is an area under the front of the house that isn't. Not sure if this is technically a crawl space, but it is under my front room. Access is under the stairs/front entry and the area is approx 15 x 15'.

Obviously, there is a foundation surrounding this area (concrete walls approx. 3', but the central part of this area simply has a dirt floor. The floor of the front room is about 5' up (5' ceiling for crawl).

I live in the Pacific NW and lately we have had rats burrowing up from under the foundation....and they surface in this crawl space and have a direct line into the walls in the garage and basement. They are driving me crazy and making for unsettling sleep. Not to mention the rats here are 6-8" long without the tail. :(

My solution is to have concrete pumped into this crawl space as a way to keep them from burrowing up. All the rat control in the world won't help until their access is cut off.

Just wondering if I can do that....simply pour concrete in this area directly up to the foundation. Are there any special considerations? All of the plumbing runs along the back half of the house. House is on septic.

Thanks so much for your help!!!


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Never heard of rats burrowing under a footer - do they dig nice neat tunnels that you can see from the outside of the walls ?

I can't see what you got, but think I'd be inclined to dig in or simply tap down some metal flashing along the outside walls to make them need to burrow deeper to get under it. Unless of course you plan on using this 5 foot tall room for storage then a concrete slap may be a good idea but do get youself a mason to do that so he'll do it up right and nice.

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Chipmunks are very prone to do as you suggest. Rats have been known to dig through even cured concrete if it is poor quality. A couple of inches of quality concrete should help. Put down vapor barrier first.

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