About how much can I get for these chairs, please?

alisandeApril 24, 2010

My DH and I paid $110 for four of these chairs at an antique shop 35 years ago. The dealer called them "low-back ladderbacks." We never used them, so they're in the same condition they were then: in need of new seats.

They look small to me, but I just measured and found they're only a couple of inches shorter overall than my dining chairs, and no lower in the seat.

I'd like to sell them without putting a lot of effort into it, but am unsure whether I should approach a dealer or attempt to sell them on Craigslist. What do you recommend? If I do the former, I don't want to accept the first offer I get without having a rough idea of what they're worth.

Thanks for your help, experts! If you need a better picture, or closer views, let me know and I'll take some more.

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My opinion is if you went through a dealer, probably less than your mom paid 35 years ago, since they would have to make a profit. If you sold them on CL or eBay, maybe $25 each. This type of thing commands pretty low prices even at my local auction house, because they are relatively plentiful and not all that confortable by modern standards--people are too big for them now.

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I think they are great old chairs!!
Do they all match?
I don't think youa re going to finance a trip to Europe....but think they ought to be easily worth $40 each....very nice old charming, country ladderback chairs!
Linda C

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Recaining chairs is not a cheap process and could easily cost what Linda thinks the chairs are worth. You can, of course, sell the chairs as is, but it will probably reduce the selling price.

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Thanks, everyone. I will definitely sell the chairs as is; I have no intention of tackling those seats in any manner. At the time we bought them, I had thoughts of using Shaker tapes. And at that time I thought the chairs were great. But I don't feel the same about them today. They look so much smaller than I remembered.

Yes, they all match. I might try Craigslist first, but without much expectation of success. This is not a densely populated area. But we'll see.

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Dealers don't pay much for antiques. When we moved, we took some items to an auction house. Most of the buyers were dealers and we didn't get very much for anything. Our family had a child's painted rocking chair that was given as a Christmas gift in 1941! I don't think it went for much more than $15 or so. I was surprised that it brought so little. If we would have had the room, I would have definitely kept it.

What you need are collectors who will pay a better price. I don't know if CL is a better place to sell them or not.

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