Help! mice getting at insulation under floors

ccbearAugust 3, 2006

My place is set on pier blocks. Insulation (fiberglass) is held in place by laths under the floor beams ( was that the right term).

No basement or crawl space..more of a "slide" in space. *sigh*

Any ideas how to keep critters out or from "borrowing" to make their homes?

What kind of barrier could I put on that would deter these pesky critters??

Would tar paper stapled under there be any good or would they just chew right thru?

Sorry if this is wrong form but when looking at list I couldn't see anything for this problem.

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I notice that your post is getting dated and unanswered. I hope you are still checking now and then.

I'm not sure what you term as "laths" but have you consideed a very fine wire mesh stapled to the bottom of the floor joists?

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Thank you ontario_diyguy from your reply. Much appreciated!

The "laths' are just strips of wood, thin and about an inch wide. I use them on my grnhouse when joining another piece of plastic.

Joists that was the word I was looking for. LOL not beams! Thank-you!

Actually not thought of wire as I wasn't aware there is something that fine.

I had thought of screening (window) til someone burst my bubble and said that those darn mice would chew though that to. Although I am not sure IF they would....?
What kind would I look/ask for?

Nothing like watching a chippy running across the garden with a mouth full of insulation! I can only guess where he got that from, seeing there are no other houses that close to me! lol

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I thought that's you meant by "laths". You do have the right term for that...laths are stips of wood. But under your floor, they are not doing much good apart from holding the insulation up there. Another thing I would suggest is stapling a vapour barrier (plastic sheeting) to the joists before the wire mesh. You dont want a lot of moisture getting into the insulation. As for the wire mesh, if you are near a Home Depot or any other DIY store, go in and have a look around. They should have some fine wire mesh that a mouse couldn't get through. Your friend is right about the window screening as to the probability that the mice would chew through it.

Ontario DIYguy

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Think I'd be putting some mouse food around.. or traps. Maybe staple and/or tape up if no vapor barrier/ some thicker double sided radiant barrier which is supposed to be rodent resistant - and maybe save you some heat/cool at same time.

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sorry for delay in answering, I couldn't log in.
Thank you T.@ GW for responding to my problem so quickly.

Ontario DIYguy

I think I will go with the fine wire mesh.
Please correct if I am wrong, butI don't think that another vapour barrier would be to good under there.?..?

I have VB under my floor to keep out moisure.
Heres the layers from top to bottom. :-)
Plank floor, osb,VB,joists and in between joist is insulation, which the laths are holding in place.
I was planning on sliding in some VB one the ground when finished playing around under there with "mouse/critter barrier". :-)

Thanks for your reply. Again very apprecaited. :-)

"Mouse food" or traps is not good for me outside as I have to many other critters around that might get into it. However I do put it in side IF they make it that far!

Forgive an ignorant question from this new to DIY ole gal, but I am learning quickly, thanks in part to people here.
This radiant barrier, is that to keep out damp or air or?


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Radiant Barrier comes with or without perforations. So its design can be used as a vapor barrier or with the perforations it breaths. Double sided reflects heat away from interior during summer and back into interior for winter. Does an extremely good job at reflecting heat.

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Hey, DIY ole gal, LOL

The only ignorant or silly question is the one that is never asked. If you have a vapour barrier already, thats good. Try the wire's the only way to go.

Only too glad to help,

Ontario DIYguy

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