At the end of my rope

lagirl1966December 23, 2008

Hi Everyone. I am new here. I am looking for some advice for a very bad situation. My son (who is 15 now) and I moved into this apartment 3 years ago. It was very nice then, except for the apartment being extremely small. Well, then undesireable people started moving in.

About 3 months ago, this woman (I cant call her a woman. She looks like a child) and 2 little kids moved in above me. They constantly make noise up there. It sounds as if the ceiling is going to come down on top of us. It is not just her kids either. She stomps, and bangs and slams constantly. I have spoke to the office numerous times and they have not done anything. They claim that she deserves to be happy to. TO?? I am NOT happy!

I have numerous health problems and am disabled so I can not work. I have very little money. If I could move I would. I only recieve section 8 rent assistance. Being a single parent You almost have to. One income does not do it these days.

Between the noise outside (screaming kids,people blarring music from thier cars at all hours, and other tenants blarring music) I am at my witts end. I am very unhappy in this place. Isn't there anything that I can do about this? I have tried talking to her, and she was nasty to me about it. My son also has migrane headaches, and believe me this noise does not help!

Thankyou for your advice

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Document every noise. I started a little journal. Every time the guy above me starts, I write down the time and date. I write what kind of noise and what time it ended (if it ever did) Someone once video taped the stomping and such. I would call the police.

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All I can suggest is to keep complaining. As much of a pain they are to you, you be a pain to the landlord. The squeaky wheel....

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I'm sorry you feel like you are stuck in a bad situation. If it makes you feel any better I own my own home (on 5+ acres) and my noise problems are from within. My teens, who are just normal teens, will get up in the morning and rummage around in the kitchen. My bedroom is on the other side and I would swear that they're smacking the cupboard drawers closed and slamming drawers, when they're just normally preparing breakfast. Noise can be a sensitive issue.

I don't believe your landlord is going to be much help. I told you about my teens to show you that I sympathize with you and I do sympathize with your son also. So I am not joking when I suggest you get some of those headphones that you can play pleasant music or podcasts or white noise to make your life more pleasant. You like your apartment just fine, am I right? Good luck to you!

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You totally have my sympathies. I've posted elsewhere about visiting kids pounding around beneath me, and that is bad enough. I can't imagine them over you. And earplugs are a nice suggestion, but it doesn't help when your walls are SHAKING. It only helps with noise. I am not comfortable with them, anyhow, because they might block out noise that you NEED to hear (such as a fire alarm!).

Keep a log, and be vocal with your landlord.

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Hi lagirl,
As someone who has suffered from migraines in the past, I feel for your son. It's a pain beyond description. A normal noise can sound like canons going off, imagine it is unbearable for him to have it sound like the ceiling is going to come down.

Based on your user ID, are you in Calif?

If so, here is a link to HUD's site for tenant rights. Not to confuse, but that also leads to Calif's Landlord/Tenant laws put out Calif Dept of Consumer Affairs.Do read that handbook, it's got lots of good info, including when and how to approach your landlord. The first link above (HUD) also leads to legal services (including free), should you need advice.

Hopefully those tools will help you out. What you want to look for is in your Lease. Most standard leases have a clause about the right to "quiet enjoyment" or something similar. I hope things work out for you and your son. ;)

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