Found these in our old ice house today......

alisandeApril 10, 2011

They look like they might go with a sewing machine, although I have no idea what the round part is. Maybe it holds a belt of some kind?

Whatever they are, I don't imagine they're worth anything, given how rusted they are.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Yep....the iron legs to a sewing machine with the wheel that the belt goes on....but without the treadle.

Here is a link that might be useful: sewing machines

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Thanks, Linda! I wonder what became of the rest of it.....and why they saved the legs.

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It would make for neat table legs, no? You keep finding goodies there, perhaps you'll find the rest of the assembly. I suspect a good many of those old treadle frames were interchangeable. I collect them, because the machines are not that hard to find, but the bases are. And without the working mechanisms to drive the belt my machines would be non-functional.

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My night stand is a treadle base with a granite top. The round part isn't with my base.

It does make a great table.

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My aunt had large square board finished like furniture on couple of those & lovely hand made doily & all of her African Violets near window in filtered sun. They did great & fit in with all of her other antiques. Rust comes off with little elbow grease & paint any color you want.

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Cast iron end frames for a treadle sewing machine. The treadle and connecting rod are missing as well as all the cabinetry.

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