Sort of sticker shock for drywall install

jimracAugust 21, 2007

Hi all,

Live in CT, I realize costs are a bit higher etc. But anyways, going to have drywall installed in our basement of raised ranch, room size is 23 feet and 16 feet, 8 foot ceilings. there are 3 windows. The ceilings have recessed lighting, maybe 10 cans or so. The below grade walls will be rocked along with the above grade, and ceiling; ceiling with be smooth no texture. Contractor provides all materials, clean-up, haul away etc... There is nothing fancy about the room, a square box!

Price........$2,300...And would like it in cash!

Seems a bit on the high side...However, I might add, these guys do very good work....

Appreciate your thoughts and opinions...

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$2,300 seems quite reasonable for the amount of work.

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Seems high to me.

Why don't you get another bid or two to compare to.

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Same situation, but in Northern NJ. We had french drains put in which required tearing off half the sheetrock in the finished basement. The guy who would do the job wants $2,100 (cash) to replace the missing half, $3,800 to replace it all. He would install vapor barriers. The area measures about 4' high by 50' (for half), for full it's about 7'. Excessive?

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I can't comment on the level of the quote, but we had drywalling some two years ago and were told that the quotes are based on 1)hanging the drywall and applying the first coat of mud on the seams and then 2)having to come back at least 2 more times for more mudding. It's the extra trips back that cause the price to jump.

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That seems sort of high to me. I had a room drywalled last year. It was 12x20 plus a stairway down to the basement. Smooth ceiling, no texture. Labor, materials, etc all included. It ran me $1100. I found the guy by posting on craigslist. I got 7 guys to come out and quote the job, and took the one that I trusted with a low bid. He did a pretty good job (not perfect). I'm just south of Boston, so the quotes should be similar.

Part of your quote being higher might be that they have to carry all the drywall downstairs. Mine was easy access right through the door to the garage.

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Thanks all,

No kisaacs, the lug in through the garage down 15 feet of hallway, right into the room. No angles, bends, curves whatsoever, just like the layout of the room itself.

Thas why I am sort of dumfounded. Materials cost,, lets say 30 sheets at $7.50 a pop,, throw in some minor costs for mud etc...

S, we are talking labor of approx 1800-1900 for 12 hours of work,, propably for at most 2 men, per contractor.

$80 hour,,, tax free,,,, seems pretty good to me..

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Approximately 1.5 years ago I had my basement drywalled. Part of it was already drywalled. I had the guy do 2 rooms, both 13' x 23' and 2 other rooms approx. 10' x 13'.

One of the 13' x 23' walls was already done in one of the rooms and one about a 10' section was already done in another room. He didn't do any ceilings, because i was using a drop ceiling.

He and his partner came in one day and hung it in about 5 or 6 hours. He came back 3 other times to finish, approx 4 hours a time and he charged me $1500. I thought that was a steal considering it would have taken me a few months to complete. I live in Missouri, by the way.

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I had a sheetrock crew install drywall in my third floor bonus room (I framed). Room measured 44' x 18' (8' ceiling) and kneewalls. I had numerous electrical boxes and 6 Halo High Hats. Price was $2200, and that was in 1996. I'm in CT also.

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It appears both of your quotes are a bit more within reason,, tom & jtwtech ...I have a couplke of other contractors taking a peek at it,,, just these guys put "food" on our plate, so at times we like to reciprocate; but maybe just not this time at what amounts to $3.125 per sq ft.... A bit high.

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