'Month to month lease' = landlord holds all the cards

nctrnlDecember 25, 2007

I HATE being under a "month to month" lease. Its miserable knowing that a landlord can basically kick you out after a month for any reason. Landlord doesnt want to fix something?....all he needs to do is threaten to not renew the lease when the month is up. He can also raise the rent at his whim every month. Its also another way to keep a tenant in line (or in fear).... dont like something the tenant does or say?... wait a month & kick him out.

IMO month to month leases gives landlords an unfair advantage over a tenant & opens the door to abuse.

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Then live somewhere where you have a proper yearly lease (or buy if you can).

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Monthly leases are not a landlord's perfect scenario either. It means the tenant can leave at any time with 30 days notice (including dead of winter when it's toughest to rerent). That means in any given month they could be looking at unexpected clean up, repairs, lost rents while showing/screening new tenants. Raise the rent at his whim every month? Why? That puts him in the position of having a vacant unit because most tenants would balk at this and leave (and it goes right back to having a vacant unit to rent again). Landlord's need income, there's a lot of cost involved in maintaining a property (including mortgage if there is one and property taxes). One month's lost rent due to vacancy is a big set back. Some state's laws govern that a landlord cannot increase or even charge rent if the place violates health/civil code.

The only time I use a month to month is if I get an uneasy feeling about an applicant even tho everything looks good. Because yes, it's an easy out if they turn out to be problem tenants. But it also leaves me edgy wondering every month if they're going to bail. So if I've gone 6 months or so and they haven't trashed the place and have paid on time, I will gladly put them on an annual term.

Doesn't like something you say or do, so he can kick you out? Again, why? His goal is to keep a good tenant and keep the place occupied. If something needs repaired, don't be afraid, ask. Being on a monthly lease does not take away your right to live in an inhabitable home or apartment. If your landlord is raising the rent every stinking month why on earth would you continue to stay? I'm a landlord and find that outrageous.

Not being snarky here: Is all that stuff you're complaining about actually happening, or is it just your worries about what might happen?

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I only see one disadvantage for renters on month to month. and that is that the landlord can tell you to leave with 30 days notice... for any reason. Most likely that would be the tenants fault for damaging the place, not paying on time or disturbing other good tenants. landlords want and need to keep good people in their rentals to make money. a vacancy costs a good bit due to loss of rental income and cost of advertising to get someone new then, time showing and interviewing new prospects. If you are a good tenant this will not be an issue for you because they will most likely not want you out.

as to raising the rent most tenants will balk at any in cress in rent but I feel a reasonable raise every year is in line. costs of owning and taking care of the place to keep it habitable and things like property taxes and utilities go up every year. as a renter you may not see or know about what these things cost or how they go up all the time since you may not ever see the tax bill or the watter, trash removal or heat bill. as a landlord I can tell you they do go up. I don't like raising my rents because I know like me most people have budget they have to live with in. At the same time I can't keep paying more to run a place for the same income every year, I'd start to loose money.

I had a co-work complain about her landlord raising there rent because the school tax on the house she rented went up a lot and she didn't feel it was fair since she didn't own the house. It is fair because taxes pay for community services that everyone gets if they rent or own and school taxes pay for your kids to go to school. if you own you, you still pay it just more directly.

Landlords are business people who are providing housing as a service. they are in business to make a profit like everyone else in this world. if the cost of providing that place to live goes up surely the cost to the consumer must also like in all other things we buy and use.

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While some tenants would stay if they were on a year's lease, its also true that most just up and leave if they get a job in a different area, or have a chance to move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Often they claim they mailed that months rent when they didn't so they aren't out that months rent.
so in that respect tenants really hold the cards, they move when they want to regardless of whether they have a lease or month to month agreement.

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if you hate it so much, give your notice and move out

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