Magical Microwave!!

oregpsnowJanuary 20, 2014

I know most of the posts here are for high-end appliances but I had to tell you about my new microwave. I am amazed. It is an inverter microwave from Panasonic. I don't have any connection to Panasonic but this thing is great. I can actually cook in it. If I set it to 50% power I get real, honest 50% power the whole time. Makes it so much easier to steam delicate foods or cook touchy items like fish.

It appears Panasonic makes most of the inverter units although they may appear under a different name sometimes. Costco is the place to go - they have the very best prices. 5 stars.

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Yes, Panasonic does make a really good microwave, and they make a lot of private label units too.

You don't need to go to Costco though, they sell the same units at Wal-Mart and Target, among other places All under $200.. No membership needed , and you can pay by check, visa, mastercard, paypal, ect..... unlike Costco.

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xedos - the Costco units were $99.99 for the smaller oven and $149 for the larger one. By far the cheapest I could find at a reputable outlet. Target was $140 for the small one. I don't do Wal-Mart. I agree Costco can be annoying sometimes but you really can save some money.

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I went to the Costco website but they didn't offer Panasonic microwaves. When did you buy it? Would love to buy one there because they have THE best return policy on any of their items.

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Louie - I got the oven in the store, not the website. Bought it Jan. 4th. They have many items in the store that are not shown online. Of course, you need to have a Costco near you for that to work.

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they also have items that are only available in certain stores - not all of them, and you still need a membership.

sorry you don't do wal-mart- that';s your choice. I agree wal-mart can be annoying sometimes but you really can save some money there too. And they are everywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: big daddy panny - 9 bucks cheaper that cco !

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I got my Panasonic at Fry's.. Really like the sensor cook and melt and soften options. I can actually just melt chocolate or soften butter. Only thing I wish was that the interior light came on when the door is opened. It only comes on when the unit is turned on.

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When your Panasonic microwave is running, can you see what power level it is running at? Mine is a 1200 watt inverter countertop and, once running, there is no way to see what power level is set, nor is there a way to change the power level without completely reprogramming the cook cycle. It is like having a TVband having to switch it off and on again to see what channel you are tuned to. Panasonic have confirmed this is how it is designed.

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