Antique Horse Drawn Plow

csnyder55April 10, 2011

I have picked up an old horse drawn plow and am wondering if it is unique or worth anything. I think that it is a 'Single Handle Dutch Plow' of the type used in the Hudson Valley NY in the 19th century. What do you think?

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I don't want to diminish the uniqueness of your plow and I surely wouldn't mind having one save for the fact I have enough "old stuff" hanging around here.

Your type plow is quite common in and around farming country. Many folks within the area I live that have them, use them as yard and garden decorations. Several of the folks use them to hold their rural mailboxes and I think they look pretty cool. They're not particularly worth a lot of money but there are collectors of farm implements that may be interested if it is perhaps a brand or style they need for their collection. I'm surprised at what some people will pay for an item they really want, no matter how common it is.

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I love old farm implements, growing up in the country I'd see them sitting in fields or flowerbeds, or sitting at the edge of someone's garden. Some so old they probably wouldn't budge, but somehow comforting.

Wish I could see your pic but it's not showing up for me.

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