Sealing basement concrete in finished basement w/ carpet?

ranger481vsAugust 6, 2010

We have finished basement with a walk-out patio. The whole floor is carpeted, and we like the carpet, so prefer to keep it. It's been an unusually rainy summer this year in Wisconsin, and I've noticed dampness underneath the carpet near the wall. I'm guessing this is a groundwater issue that is coming through the porous concrete. Would it be worth pulling up the carpet and sealing the concrete with some type of sealer to prevent moisture issue from underneath?

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I'm no expert, but I'd think it's worth doing, especially if you have anyone in the house with allergies or health conditions that are affected to mold.

We had a huge mold problem in our basement earlier this summer (due to groundwater seeping in slowly through the walls. No leaks, no floods, just high humidity over a long period of time), and are having the entire basement redone. The mold remediation contractor found a lot of mold hidden underneath the carpet, since it stays perpetually damp, and there's plenty of "food" for the mold.

I read an article that said carpet should only be installed in the basement if there's adequate "subflooring" or "underflooring" installed. Carpet laid directly onto the concrete will almost inevitably result in mold and the musty basement smell. For what it's worth, we've decided to do away with carpet entirely, and are looking into a waterproof vinyl floor.

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