Insight with pricing for drywall job.

dualxhstAugust 12, 2010

A friend of mine recently had flood damage to thier basement and they are rebuilding it. Im currentyl out of work so they asked me if I was interested in hanging and mudding the drywall, since they dont want to pay a contractor and im prob the only person they know that knows how to do it.

They room is approx 20'x20' with 8' ceiling. Ceiling is being done also. They are obvioulsy supplying everything I need, im just doing the labor.

I need insight on what to charge them for the install. Because they are friends and helping me while helping them avoid a contractor, I dont want to ask to much. But at the same time, I dont want to screw myself. Ive done this plenty of times, just never from a contractor point of view. Any suggestions?

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Figure out the cost of materials and how long it will take you. Then, how much do you want to make an hour, keeping in mind it's a friend. You can always compare your cost with independent quotes for the job. And so should your friend, if you want to keep the friendship.

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You estimate the amount of time you think the job will take and multiply that by what you think your time is worth.

Most professionals charge by the sheet. You could call a couple of drywall companies and ask what they charge per sheet hung and finished then back out the cost of materials and see how you compare.

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