how can I correct this!

andrelaplume2August 4, 2009

I put 1.5" slotted XPS up in my basement held in place with fur strips in the slots. The XPS runs to the floor. I cut the fur strip 2" from the floor and spray foamed the little gap. I guess I was thinking of a flood but 2" would be some sort flood...I over did it! Ok, stop laughing...In some areas I framed in front of the XPS then put up dry wall, hanging it 2" off the ground. Some areas (closets and in my storage room), I chose not to frame but rather to simply affix the drywall to the fur strips directly over the XPS. I again cut the drywall 2" off the ground. BIG MISTAKE? Well now I go out to buy an inexpensive handi Âpak consisiting bundle of 12 long by 3.25" high pieces of baseboard (VERY inexpensive at .40 a foot) at Lowes or HD and it dawns on meÂwhat do I affix the baseboard too? The only nailing opportunities are every 2 feet but 2" up the wall! I essentially will need to nail my 3" molding ¾ from the top, that is if I want to hit a furstrip. YIKES! Typical homeowner mistake I guessÂ.well maybe just a typical moronÂs mistake!

So any suggestions on what I can do. IÂd prefer NOT to have to buy 5" or 6" high baseboard. I could fill the gap between the drywall and floor with ½" xps. While that still gives me nothing to nail to, at least the baseboard would sit flush against the wall. I could hammer drill in a 1 X 2 peice of treated wood bu hate to have that so close to the floor...Ideas?

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I could hammer drill in a 1 X 2 peice of treated wood bu hate to have that so close to the floor

That's your answer. Unless you're planning to slosh around your basement floor a couple of months a year.

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Thanks worthy..not sure what you mean by slosh around...jhopefullt we never get water. In my storage room I my try to just nail the baseboard in place thru the upper inch of the basebpard and back it with 1/2" xps. No will be bumping it in there so it should not move about. The living area is another story. Live and learn I guess.

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