Recessed lighting in suspended ceiling

clayfarmerAugust 4, 2009

I'm getting ready to install a suspended ceiling in my basement, and I'd like to use recessed can lighting. What are my options for mounting the can lights? Can I somehow mount them to the ceiling frame, or do they get mounted to the floor joists?

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The cans I bought came with a bracket that sits on the grid.

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Hi Clayfarmer,

Can lights are something that actuially make much more sense when you actually have them in your hands. Your lights should have come with mouting brackets that attach directly to the T-bar. From there you would adjust the light casing up and down to fit perfectly flush with your ceiling. Here is a link through Ceilume that may be more helpful:

Also heres a gallery of theirs that shows all of their customers who have used can lighting:

Feel free to contact me directly with any other questions

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