Please advice - neighbour always complaining

SummitmanorDecember 29, 2004

I have been living in this apartment for the last six months. I live in the second floor. An elderly lady in her fifties lives in the first floor. The floors of the apartment are wooden. So I had more than 90% of the exposed area carpetted with padding below it. The construction of the building is not that good and clearly some noise is produced when we walk even though there is padding. The frustrating thing is that the lady living below us keeps on complaining of noise even we are talking at night.

Sometimes we talk and lose track of time. Is there any rule that you can't talk (not shout) in apartment complexes after 11? We do not believe that are making "noise", but the old lady complains that we are making noise. She even called police a couple of times. The last time she called police was because my wife was using grinder at 11 o'clock in the morning. Please advice us how we could react to this harrassment.

I know it is best that we settle things amongst ourselves, but this lady never gets tired of complaining. She fails to understand that the will be some amount of noise if people live upstairs. I am afraid that the lady might get us arrested or fined although it is not our fault. Can the police arrest/fine us if the lady continues to make compliants?

My lease is going to get over next June and I do not want to break the lease. Please advice me how I should tackle this problem.

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I'm sorry. You said "an elderly lady in her fifties"?

I stopped reading after that.

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You said "an elderly lady in her fifties"

I also thought the same thing. Geezzz, I'm 41. I guess I'm just about ELDERLY. What will I be when God willing I hit 80? Ancient Lady?

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OK .. I apologize to you guys if I have misused the term "elderly". Perhaps, it would be helpful to me if you could overlook the "Grammar" aspect and concnetrate on the rest of the body.

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Your choice of words indicates that you may have been treating her like a senile old woman. In which case, I don't blame her for complaining. However, she may be the type of person that complains about everything to everybody and you just happen to be handy. I doubt if there is a thing you can do about it. She might be a bit disturbed, in which case, you could be looking at more trouble. I would think seriously about moving if you could. If the walls and floors are that thin, it's probably a fire trap.

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I'm not thinking this is harrassment. If you are making enough noise to disturb someone, she has every right to complain.

The police will only fine you if they judge you are making enough noise to disturb the peace.

I agree with PeaBee, the best option seems to move to someplace else. It does sound like a fire trap.

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Where I live, unless the police find that you are disturbing the peace of your neighbors. The more she calls the closer she gets to being fined for wasting their time.

Question though, what is this Grinder being used at 11am? Being a second floor apartment my only guess is the garbage disposal.

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I assumed the grinder referred to was a coffee grinder.


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