Radon concerns

colorladyAugust 28, 2011

We bought our house 4 years ago. The inspection yielded an elevated radon reading in the basement. Since we had given the seller their asking price for the house, we requested they address the radon problem before we passed papers. The owner got a quote for radon mitigation for $1000 and gave us a check to cover that. We got lazy and never actually had the mitigation system put in because there were so many other things that needed fixing in the house. The couple we bought from had just disolved their marriage, but the husband had come down with Multiple Sclerosis while living here. Last week, a man drove in our driveway and told us he had once owned our house and had sold it to the people we bought it from. We asked him if he would like to come in and see all we had done. He said he couldn't because he has MS and needs a walker. After he left I googled MS and RADON. I found that at least one study has linked RADON and MS. I just wanted to pass this story along to anyone who may be wondering if they should be concerned about Radon. It could be a coincedence. It may have nothing to do with RADON. But we are scheduling our mitigation now 4 years later and crossing our fingers.

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Keeping fingers crossed for you, too - hoping that the previous owners' health problems are indeed coincidental. But glad you are doing the radon mitigation - there is very solid evidence linking Radon to lung cancer, so definitely worth the installation of the mitigation system.

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"I found that at least one study has linked RADON and MS."

Pure Bovine Scatology.

MS is an autoimmune disease and the most likely cause appears to me mimicry of some portion of the myelin protein (the insulation on the nerves in the central nervous system) by the protein coat on a virus.

Epstein Barr is a leading candidate (and about 95% of adults have Epstein Barr).

I have MS, and it is not related to radiation.

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