Moving out..question about last month rent

brnidgrlDecember 20, 2010

My lease is up the end of February and I am not renewing. When I moved into my apartment 11 years ago, I needed to pay last month's rent and a month security deposit (1st month was free). At the time, my rent was $595/month. Now my rent is $875/month. Do I need to pay the difference between what is was and what it is now when I leave in Feb?

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Most likely, yes. But the only way to know for sure is to ask. Just call the landlord and ask what you need to do before you move out, and how much you will owe at that point. It's possible that they might take the difference out of your security deposit, but that's completely up to them.

That's also a good time to ask for a final walkthrough so that you can get them to sign off on the place that it doesn't need cleaning or repairs or anything else that they would take out of your security deposit. If they refuse to do the walkthrough, make sure you take pictures of the empty, clean, in good repair apartment before you leave. You don't want them making up charges to reduce the amount of your security deposit.

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