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kathyg_in_miAugust 23, 2007

Sorry, long. I thought basement forum the place to post.

DD and SIL bought a cottage in Door County, WI (Door County is on granite, any digging is done by blasting). Crawl space is very damp, at times has water in there. Some mold on floor joists. Sellers gave $ for fix. The plan was to lay cement down there. In crawl there are water heater, humidifier and will install sump pump.

Cement guy said that there were no weep holes in the foundation. He can't dig to put them in, but he laid cement and put drain tiles under cement. Sump is being installed this week.

Now my questions. Has anyone any input on this? Also, realtor (who DH and I think is wrong) says NO ONE in Door County opens the vents that are in the foundation. Now we live in a home with a crawl and every spring my DH gets under there and opens our vents, closes them in the fall. Any input on this? All comments welcome.

Thanks, Kathy G in MI

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Building Science Corp. has a lot of info about how to handle crawlsace's properly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Building Science Corp.

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Heating climate,

Sump to daylight.

Sealed vapor barrier ground cover.

Cement floor is optional.

no insulation in floor system, other than the rim joist.

Rigid insulation in rim joist area.

No fibrous insulation anyhere!

Insulated sidewalls, and sealed vapor barrier.

Close off any existing vents and seal with rigid foam (2" min.)

Hook up exhaust port to heat exchangers, if one is available.

If there is no heat exchanger, then install a central exhaust system, cabable of exhausting 20-30 cfm continuous 24/7/365.

Condition crawlspace with heat in the winter and cooling/dehumidification in the summer.

Problems solved.

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Well, they had cement poured and a sump pump and dehumidifier put in. DD says house smells less musty all ready. I'll send her this info.
Thanks for the responses.
Kathy G in MI

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