Need help on a sewing rocker

countrygrl1April 5, 2012

I tried to do some research on my own but can not find exact pieces . The first one I believe is a sewing rocker but has no markings has been recaned it looks like legs were cut on angle for rocking part has dowels to hold rockers it looks like somebody tryed to sturdy this up with screws but did counter sink so the dont show . It looks to be mahogany . Any info on this piece would be appreciated .

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Your album is password protected.....and the pictures can't be enlarged.
From the little thumbnails it looks to be be 1880s sewing rocker, walnut with a cane seat and back.

Here is a link that might be useful: similar chair

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Some antique rockers without arms the mothers used to nurse thier babies.

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If you have ever nursed a would know that a rocker without arms is not the best thing for that.
A sewing rocker is a better use.

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That's what I thought, rockers with arms were more for support while nursing and no arms on the rocker was so that the sewing material ,quilt ect. could lay across the lap without interference of the arms from what I have learned so far. Was trying to work on the picture thing, still took new pictures without down sizing them but when I go to post they still come up small and do not enlarge when clicked will keep trying tho .

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I did nursed all my children...Im saying thats what they used them for,I have one..

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Well, I too nursed my babies, and I always preferred arms on the chair or rocker I was sitting in. To each her own.

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"They" may say that they used an armless rocker for breast feeding....but I say it's sure not comfortable!
I have 2 armless rockers like the OP shows...One is my knitting chair.....the other mostly for show.

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