Replace Basement windows

doogan123August 20, 2010

Hi folks,

I Am about to start the task of insulating my basement walls. One item I need to address would be the windows. I need to replace them. A couple of the smaller ones i will probabally close up with glass block. I have 2 however which are egress size which i want to keep as windows. The question is how do i replace them. What is the best approach?

I am thinking that one approach is to just rip them out, and install new ones by attaching to the block wall. the question is what is the process - What do I need to do this and is this the right approach?

The second approach, which i think would be easier - but easier is not necessairly better, is to rip out the old, and frame in a new rough opening with 2X, and install them on the wood framing?.

My basement is a walk out, and both of these 2 windows I would be replacing are above grade on the outside. The finish is stucco on the outside, inside is finished block ( which i will be covering over with boards of XSP

what approach should i take? and is there a documented process for how I should do it?

thanks guys - appreciate the help as always

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On new homes I've built, I either used poured-in place windows (the whole window is mounted on the forms and concrete is poured around them) or left an opening and installed aluminum sliders directly, screwing the frames into the foundation with concrete screws.

It's just a matter of cosmetics.

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thanks worthy - I will look in HD or lowes for a frame that I can screw in, Altho i guessi need to remove the old windows before i can clearly see what i am loking at.

Has anyone else taken on what i am doing ?

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