Drywall ceiling - furring channel?

peter-aAugust 15, 2007

Our basement main room is 30 feet long and 14 feet wide, and the ceiling has 9 inch deep spruce joists at 16 inch centres. We want a drywall ceiling, but the bottoms of the joists are not completely level - there is about 1/4 inch variation in the level.

We intend to install furring channel or resilient channel onto the ceiling joists so we can obtain a flat ceiling. How do we install this metal channel? At the edge of the ceiling and then at what spacing? Installation advice would be much appreciated.

best regards, Peter-A

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Resilient channel is for sound reduction. For half-inch drywall, use 12" centres.

Or, if sound reduction isn't important, don't bother with the channels. Simply level the joists with shims or slight shaving.

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