Please, help to identify Japanese porcelain dragonware mark

middleagedkittyApril 13, 2013

We have a Japanese dragonware tea set for ages. My grandma bought it in antique store in Europe in late 1940-s.
It marked in Japanese, and we cannot identify the seal using renown sites as We visited many web sites, but nobody could help us.

The tea set is very beautiful, in orange-golden-blue tones with the accents of white and brown. It consists of 4 cups, 8 plates, teapot and sugar (candy? ginger?) bowl. There are no Geisha images on the bottoms of the cups.
Attached please see photo of the seal.

Thank you.

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I'm sorry that none of us are able to help you with the mark. The set sounds like one of the multitude of sets that were bought as tourist ware. No one ever used them, so they are all in wonderful condition & lots of them out there. Hence, very little value other than sentimental. mfrog

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The script is in Kanji, and I'm sorry........although I can wade through the syllabaries, I know very little of this script. I can tell you the image inside the circle says Nishi, translated that means west. The script along the bottom is upside down, but reads 5665-0. I cannot read the top, and it's blurred anyway and that may still present a problem to one who can. Japanese pottery is very prolific, and mfrog is likely correct, but may be able to tell you a bit more if you can show me the pot and a cup. Also check to see if it's the same mark on all the pieces. They aren't always and if there is any markings in the syllaberies, I may be able to help you. I have identified artwork that way for another poster.

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This is the mark on the Coffee pot, Cream jug and Sugar bowl. It looks to be hand-written, the cups do not have a stamp as it would spoil the lithograph effect. This mark is also not to be found anywhere on-line, or not that I can find anyways!!!

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I also have a Lithographic Whistling Saki set for which I am unable to learn anything!! It s red with small gold dragons flying all the way around it among the clouds. There is a gold bird on the top and when you pour liquid from the bottle it whistles, just like a bird!
I found a blue one on ebay with a different pattern, the price is $126 plus $27 postage so all up at least $155!
It does have six cups whereas mine only has five. Is it common for Saki sets to only have five cups as this is what I am generally finding.
Other than that there is nothing to lead me to the maker or the design. Can anyone help me???

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This is one of the five Saki cups. It has a 'Private Geisha" as ascertained from which means it is not one of the more common Geishas and it is of very good quality.The Saki bottle measured 15cm/5 3/4" tall while the cups are 4cm or 1 1/2".

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