Low-Cost Basement Refinishing for Teen Hangout?

baseballmom94August 18, 2009

We have a bonus room on the main level which has a pool table and TV area. This bonus room is the teen hangout for my 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter, however, it doesn't have a lot of extra room to spread out -- when both of my kids have friends over, it would be nice to have another space. I would like to create a space in the basement for playing, crafts and for the existing ping pong table, however, I don't want to spend a lot of money. The ceilings are 8 feet or less in the basement (DH didn't want to spend money on higher ceilings since we did the bonus room instead). Anyway, we've painted the concrete floor with sand beige concrete paint so it looks good and is dust-free. The walls are cement block but are covered with insulation from the builder. I think that the insulation should stay on the walls, is this correct? We have kicked around some different ideas such as having the ceiling pipes spray painted white and then just framing the walls and installing painted beadboard and molding. Then just placing area rugs over the concrete floor. We're not sure which direction to head or if we should finish it nicely. Since the kids already have a nice space on the main level, we don't want to put $30-50,000 into a basement like our neighbors are doing. Any ideas for a cheap but cool basement finishing that will be fun for teens?

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what kind of insulation is on the walls?

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Good friends of ours just did a low cost re-do of their basement for their teens and had the ceiling/ductwork/piping spray painted black. It gives it a "loft look". They love the low cost results, but caution that the lack of insulation in the ceiling makes it a bit noisy upstairs when the kids gather at their house.

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..sound like if not for th insulation on the walls you might just want to paint them or cover in carpet or something funky...note mold potential with the carpet idea. It would not be prudent to remove the insulation though.

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