Can't take it any more!!!

kweenie97December 20, 2005

Alright, I've posted before about the noise our upstairs neighbor makes but now I'm just fed up with it. I know she's received several warning letters from management, the resident manager has spoken to her, and now my husband and I both have gone up and spoken to her twice in the last week. We hear loud conversations, screeching, and heavy footsteps all day and all night. Friday night started with the yelling, followed by hearing the high heeled boots for an hour, and finally the stereo blasting from about 10pm-midnight. I called our resident manager and got no answer so I ended up calling the cops. I don't know if they ever showed up though or if the neighbor and her group of friends finally left to go out on their own. But she was back at 4am and woke us up again. Saturday night was more of the same and after the resident manager didn't answer the phone again, I finally went up there and explained to her that we were really having a problem with the noise that her pacing around in shoes on the hardwood floor in her bedroom made and the boots that she was wearing at the time were especially loud. She said that she knew it was loud but that it was the building. I said I understood the building played a part in it but that when she wore those boots especially that she might as well be taking a hammer to our ceiling. Her response was that she would try.

Thankfully we didn't hear from her again that night but yesterday we had more of the same and last night we could hear her pacing with shoes on in her bedroom above our's starting at about 10:30pm. I took a Tylenol PM to get to sleep and ended up being woken up again at 2:30am by her still pacing. My poor husband finally had to get up at 1am and go sleep on the couch because he said she never stopped after I fell asleep and he had to get up at 6am this morning. And yes, we do sleep with a fan on and it doesn't do a bit to drown out the noise.

I don't understand what the problem is here. Is it too much to ask someone not to wear shoes in their bedroom when it creates this much noise to the person below? Is it too much to ask someone to use an "indoor" voice when your neighbors can hear your conversation over the TV? I'm really getting the impression that this girl just does not care. I'm going nuts here...does anyone have any suggestions? I can't even remember the last time I slept through the night because of this....

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Sounds like something I have lived thru already, only it was a next door neighbor. Same stomping on the wood floors and Howard Stern at 6 am....So, I bought speakers and hooked them from the stereo in the living room to the kitchen, which is back to back with thier bedroom, and when the weekend came, I had my revenge, yes 5 am, I would pump the stereo and wake them up....After a few weekends of this, they got the message...
But if I were you, I would get the good ole broom out and when she starts to stomp with the boots on, i would pound on the ceiling with the broom, and I would not stop.... I feel for you, you have no idea, luckily my neighbors have moved after 6 and half years, I now have the quietest couple there you would think I am living next door to ghosts....

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Well, our lease is up in July and there's no way we're staying here. I called the management office today and talked to them about the continued noise, not being able to get ahold of the resident manager, and said at this point we want out of this apartment if another one is available. They won't transfer our lease though, he said if we move out we're breaking our lease which means a fee and paying rent until they can rerent it. He said he's going to do his best to resolve this though and will talk to his supervisor and call her one more time but at this point about the only thing they have left to do is evict her.

I tried the broom to the ceiling thing before and just got stomping in response. I wish someone from the office would come over and listen to what we have to put up with though. Maybe someone would get it then. Thanks for your response.

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I think you are only getting lip service from them and here's why. You ask for another apartment, but they say that if you move to another apartment you are breaking the lease. They won't let you transfer. Which is saying that they are either too lazy to do the paperwork or they are trying to get a few extra bucks out of you. And then they hint at evicting her? If you can't get them to do something as simple as transfer a lease, I doubt they'll actually go through the proceedings of evicting her. Which, by the way, will most likely take a few months.

See if you can get another phone number to call when you can't get ahold of the resident manager. Specifically, whomever is supposed to be the manager of the manager. That way, when you are ignored by the resident manager, you have a way to escalate the situation when it is actually taking place.

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We tried the ol' bang the ceiling with the broom thing and all we got in return was: "SHUT UP YOU FAG! I'M GONNA COME DOWN THERE AND BEAT YOUR ASS!"

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Well, if you get nasty remarks, then you have to either move, or find a way to torture them.
Of course when you are the tenant below, it is always much harder then being above.

The best thing would be calling the police when the noise is past a resonable hour. I would also call who ever it is that you pay the rent to and say that if something isnt done, I would hold all rent checks. I have done this when my apt wasnt getting enough heat. I wrote all my checks as usual, but just didnt mail the rent, after a few months strangely the heat became better, so I mailed the checks. Im sure I wasnt the only one in my building that has done that.

Sometimes the rent thing is your only leverage. It is a shame that people above have no consideration, it really is.

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be careful with withholding your rent. In some locales, that can be grounds for eviction unless you've followed some careful steps to work out the problem, and sometimes you have to pay into an escrow account.

Simply withholding the money (whether you write the checks or not) can cause you trouble sometimes.

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Im going through the same thing right now: As stated in another post.

"I have a neighbor living above me, that makes so much noise at all hours of the day I cant get a moments peace. She has no excuse, being that of children or pets. She's a heavy walker, loves to move around furniture, bang on the floor, drop heavy objects on the floor and has very loud sex at 3 am every night. I don't think this woman works, because she home all day and all night. She walks across the floor so much, it makes you start to wonder what she's doing, because all the units in the building are very small. I have written two nice letters, slipped them under her door. She obviously ignored them. Then I called the building manager. He's acting like I'm making the whole thing up. Says he called her, asked her about the letters, and she denied ever receiving them, and told him, all she's doing is kicking her shoes off and placing her keys on the table. I called the police, they knocked on her door, while hearing all the noise coming from her apt, and she refused to come to the door. Then I knocked on her door, she again refused to come to the door. I'm at my wit's end. I'm losing sleep and my nerves are fried. The police are apparently useless in the matter, but if I were to go up stairs and kick her butt, then they would feel compelled to get involved. So I'm stuck with no options, no sleep and no peace other than hitting the ceiling with a broomstick."

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What time, during the week, do you guys think is a reasonable cut-off hour for dropping bowling balls and blasting televisions?

I need help. :(

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Personally, I don't think there's any reasonable time to be dropping bowling balls and blasting TVs when you live in an apartment. It's rude and disruptive to those around you. That's why we have a set of headphones that are routed through the TV and stereo so that if we feel like listening to loud music or cranking it up when watching a TV, we won't be disruptive to those around us. Granted, there are times when you need to do loud things...move furniture on occasion (I can't see where this would be necessary more than once a month) or vacuum. And for the most part I would say afternoons are the best time to do this.

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I've recently moved into a second floor apartment. It's a small building - only a 'four family' and so far, so good with one exception...the girl next door to me. Sound carries embarrasingly well on 'certain' occasions. I don't know her name but I certainly know what she yells at critical moments! :)

That isn't the issue - what is the issue is that when she isn't ****ing, she and the boyfriend are fighting and I mean, 'You shut the **** up and do what I tell you!' sort of fighting. Yesterday, around 3am, I was awakened to extremely loud shouting and thumping, then sobbing. I decided to mind my own beeswax and put in earplugs.

Tonight, however, the screaming, banging (no, not THAT kind) and crying was at such a pitch I called 911. The police came immediately but no one would open the door. I had made an 'anonymous' call so they didn't ask around. Not ten minutes after the police left, the stereo cranked up in the apartment next door - and I mean, full-tilt-booming bass and they began pounding on the floor - running from room to room, stomping as hard as they could. I guess they figured the gal below them had called the PD. The police showed up again and came barging up the back stairwell, this time, right outside my door. They demanded to know what was going on and a male voice called out, 'You're not coming in here without a warrant'. The officers called out to the girl, 'Ma'am? Are you allright?' No response. The asked the guy who was with him, and again, he said, 'Come back with a warrant. I'm done with you.' and retreated away from the door.

On the way downstairs, the police were confronted by the girl who lives downstairs - she made some comment about all the noise THEY were making. She then proceeded to tell them that no, she hadn't heard anything and couldn't imagine why anyone would have called the police!?! She lives below these folks and has to deal with their rudeness on a far worse level than I do. Why would she lie? I'm now starting to be a bit concerned that perhaps I should be afraid?

I live in Missouri - If I begin to feel threatened by the scrotal sac my neighbor is dating, do I have any recourse to approach my landlord about finding me another apartment? His voice, through the door, was polite, well articulated, and absolutely curdled my OB negative. That and the emphatic, 'Oh, no, I never have any problem with them' from the lady downstairs has really got me worried. Sheesh. Any advice? Anyone know of a nice Yurt in Mongolia I could rent?

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The social maturity level in our society seems to have disappeared. We are becoming barbarians, but really dangerous ones, because we are technologically advanced barbarians!

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We just got new neighbors above us. For the first couple days they were really loud all the time. It sounded like they were dropping furniture and had elephants up there. They slam their bathroom cabinets. At first we were ok with it considering that they were just moving in. But its been over a week now and they are still making just as much if not more noise. One day they were walking downstairs and my roommate got her vou vou zela, aimed it at the door and right when they were in front of it, she sounded that thing as loud as she could..scared the piss out of them. it was hilarious. now we've started making very loud sex noises at the ceiling. Its funny because it gets the noise to stop for a few moments, like they are up there going, wtf? whatever, they are just loud people. Besides, we're used to it. we used to live in dorms! We try to make it a fun thing instead of getting all hot over it

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