Interior Drain System

bbachAugust 22, 2010

In 2001, an interior drain system was installed in our basement before we bought the house. Recently I noticed damp carpet in two areas. I pulled up the carpet and found that the concrete used to seal the drain system had a crack in each of the areas where the carpet was damp. I opened up the drywall and the crack did not extend to up the wall so I am pretty sure this is the source of the water.

My question is, what is the best way to repair this? Skim over it? Some sort of epoxy injection? Bust out the concrete in that area and redo it?

Also, we do have a high water table in our area but I am still a bit concerned that water would seep up through this crack rather than runoff through the drain system. Is this an indication that it might be clogged? What would have to be done to clear any blockage?

Thanks for any advice. -- Bud

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Check where the interior drainage system runs to. Typically it would be to a sump pump or to some exterior drainage. Then check that the pump and or drainage is flowing well.

Carpet directly on a concrete floor is often not a good idea. If there were a proper subfloor--Delta FL, Dri-Core or XPS and plywood--you wouldn't even notice this dampness.

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Worthy, there are two sumps and both seem to be working fine. Like I say, we seem to have a high water table so the pumps run a lot and we have battery backups to cover us when the power is out.

Sub floor might not be a bad idea, I'll look into it for sure. Still would like to figure this out though. Damp was probably an understatement, it was more like wet.

-- Bud

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