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coolmamaDecember 29, 2006

Here is my story which is partially posted in another post.

We lived in our apartment for 5 years,which is kinda a long time for an apartment.When we first moved there,it was really nice,quiet neighboorhood.

Well,the last year,the freaks came out! We had college kids who partied ALL NIGHT LONG until 4-5am.We'd hear the bass pumping from upstairs all night.They constantly littered the grounds with beer cans and cigerette butts.

One night they broke out the window in the lobby with a beer bottle.

The next morning,apon the beer cans,I found a bloodied syringe laying right next to my window! I have a daughter,God forbid what could have happend to her had she picked that thing up!

So they finally got kicked out.Then I had some guy ask me if I wanted to buy some weed right in front of my daughter!

So we is better here,and quieter.Until one day I'm out on my porch enjoying the sunshine when this lady standing at the bus stop waves me over.(I knew I shouldnt have gone!) She says,"you do daycare?"

I'm like,"No.."

She begins to tell me she wants me to start babysitting her daughter.I'm uncomfortable and put on the spot,so I just kinda nod.

My husband comes home,and this lady and her daughter want to come in our apartment.The lady is clearly crazy,she talks non-stop and is really loud.Her daughter is a pain and goes through all the snacks I have in about an hour.

They finally leave,and I tell my husband I'am NOT watching her kid~that if she were sane,she wouldnt me,some stranger she just met, to watch her kid.

The next morning at 7am~while we are all still in bed,she starts knocking on our door.We ignore it,so she goes around to the other door,and starts buzzing our buzzer.The buzzer is very loud and irratating for anyone who knows what I'm talking about.It's where you have to be buzzed into the building.

This goes on for an hour!!!Needless to say,I'm totally pissed.But it continues.Apparently,this lady doesnt have an actual key to the building,so guess whos buzzer she buzzes everytime she cant get in? I have enough so I call her on the phone an really cuss her out and tell her to leave the heck alone,or I'm complaing to the rental office.

She doesnt,so I complain.She gets kicked out,because apparently she isnt even on the lease in the first place.

Now nobody really bothers me.But i have to stress that is supposed to be a nice apartment complex.(As was the other one) It is not in the city,and 5 years ago,we never had any problems.But the people get werider and werider.

I hate living in an apartment and as soon as I can hubby and I are moving out of this state and buying a house!

I'd love to hear you guy's horror stories...I actually have even more but I dont want to take up too much time and space.

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I'm not surprised you hate living in an apartment with neighbours like that! Wherever you go though, there'll always be someone who gets on your nerves. As for the woman with the kid... she was a complete stranger, you took a big risk letting her inside you apartment! That buzzer would have driven me insane too. Was there no way of turning it off?

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I sympathize with your dilemma. At least you know, however, where the noise or problem is coming from. My problem isn't so simple to define, since finding the source of the noise that I hear seems to be about as likely as proving the single shot theory of JFK's assasination. I've been renting at this apartment complex for a little over two years and have had to call the police three or four times now. Sometimes it's actually quiet, but it's been getting worse over the last couple of months. First, the two apartments across the hall from me are occupied by a woman and her son and daughter-in-law who like to conduct loud conversations up and down the stairs (we're on the third floor) with the door open. Oh, and this woman has a voice that sounds like she's speaking through an artifical voice box. It's horrible and gutteral and low pitched and screechy like a demon from a bad horror movie. Anyway, I've already complained to the landlord about them, which seemed to quiet them down for a little while, but how can you hold back the sea? But before I could relax and enjoy the respite, the neigbors directly below me decided to start playing their music loud from around 10:00 to 11:30 at night. I tried to ignore it at first, but when it continued the next night I did contact management. This time, they seemed more hesitant to do anything. In the midst of all this, there are a band of lowlifes that populate one or other of the buildings behind mine, who like to scream and talk loudly at all times of day and night outside my window, toot their horns, and bang on the door of their buildings while yelling to be let in. How their immediate neighbors can put up with this, I'll never know. Since I don't know who these people are or even their exact apartment numbers, I've been hesitant to call the landlord. I have gone outside late at night and crept around trying to identify the source of the noise, and jotted down the address of the specific building and the floor I thought it was coming from. When I called the landlord about them, the manager said he would try to get security to look into it. That doesn't seem to be working, though, since every week since then I've experienced numerous disturbances, usually two or three times a week. I've been lying in bed at midnight and had to listen to loud street talking among what sounds like a group of guys, using rough language and acting like they're in a bar. Just today, I was awakened at 4:11 a.m to the sound of music blasting from someone's apartment, followed by loud talking and cussing that went on until after 5:00 a.m. When I finally went back to sleep (I had to get up early to drive my sister to work so needed the sleep), I was awakened again at 6:40 to loud music. This is getting to be too much to handle. How am I supposed to police this whole complex when the management apparently is unwilling to do so? How, also, am I supposed to lodge a complaint when I don't know the source? And apparently, the people living near these scumbags are either too apathetic or scared to get involved (or perhaps they're friends or relatives). Does anyone out there have any suggestions? This is ruining my life! I feel totally harrassed and violated.

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Fed-up,is there a noise ordinance law where you live? In my county it is 10pm,and any noise after that that is disturbing can be reported to police.
Also,you could make a generalized statement to rental place that the noise is everywhere~my complex sends out a letter to EVERY apartment.Usually a letter of warning is enough to shut some people up.
Either that,or start making noise yourself. I know it sounds immature,but if someone comes to you and complains,you could just say,"Gee there was already so much other noise I hadnt noticed!"

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