Baseboard Type? / Quick XPS Question

andrelaplume2August 3, 2009

Ok, I have some drywall up about 2" off the ground in the basement. Two Questions:

1) Is it better to use wooden baseboard or MDF. I assume in a flood either would need to come

2) I have an area (storage) by my bilko door. I figure if water gets in then it will come from there...unless the washer or water heater overflow / leak. I was thinking it might be prudent to us that vinyl type moisture resistent baseboard product I see at the big box stores. Its a bt pricey but if the area flooded, would this still need to be removed replaced?

Now, to be honest, in this storage area, I would just assume put nothing up since I am not even finishing the drywall anyway...but I assume that would be a code issue if an inspector ever saw it...thoughts about doing nothing..?

On the XPS topic....I figure I might as well cap off the top of the exposed XPS. I figure I can take 2" wide drywall scraps and cap it off. This would be done purely for safety / code (if even required in my area)...though I am unsure what it really gets me. Anyway, its essentiall free and easy to do at this point so why not. do I adhere the drywall strips to the XPS...spray foam, silicon, grab it, liquid nails....?


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Baseboard is cosmetic, not Code. The rubber/vinyl baseboards have to be glued to something solid; you can't hang them on 2" of air.

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No these look are just like the wood ones, 3.25 high and 9/16 thick. They would be nailed into the fir strips just as the regular baseboard. I was thinking they would be impervious to a flood...not sure if its worth the cost.

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If you think there's a risk of 2" or more of standing water, I'd put some more effort into assuring there are proper floor drains and other water diversions in place.

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Well, 2" is a lot I guess...I did not think that one thru....should have gone with 1/2"...hence the delimma in my latest new thread.

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