Not exactly a basement but...

grittymittsAugust 5, 2007

Basements are rare in my part of the country but we do have a storm cellar and hope someone here can offer a clue to solve the mystery:

Previous owners said they'd never had water in the concrete block storm cellar but year before last, during a very severe drought (rainfall 29" below average) the darn thing suddenly had 3" of water in it. When rainfall is heaviest, it is totally dry! WHY?

I keep mosquito dunks in it since West Nile Virus is well known in our area. My DH is too crippled to get down there so we've never used it for anything but storage, however I don't want standing water anywhere.


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Mom's basement was damp once in 20+ years in the home. The weather was typical, not super wet. They fussed with repairs a bit and the sump pump ran regularly. A few weeks later the local utility found a water main break. I wonder (but can't prove) if the water main was leaking for a while, causing the wet conditions.

Do you have a sump pit/pump? If not, adding one might reduce the odds of future standing water in the cellar.

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Thanks Quip! No water lines anywhere near it (it's detached from the house & at least 30' away.) By the time I got a sump pump down there, not enough water left for it to work. I'd left the door open, so suppose a few 90+ degree days is drying it out.

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