whats that fireproof stuff..

andrelaplume2August 24, 2010

well I started year 3 of my basement finsihing...hey its a seasonal job so one has to expect it to take time.

I decided to stick XPS in the rim area. I had done this in some areas and was going to leave others go but I got motivated. I had some extra 1/2" drywall so I then popped these into the area thus covering the xps.

I figure it only adds a few hours to the area I am working on, should make that area warmer, should be safer (with the drywall over the XPS I guess) and if it becomes necesary or I am told I needed my framing inspected when it comes time for the electrical insprection, I hope to be fully code compliant and safe.

So, though I used a silicon type caulk in the rim area then popped in the XPS then popped in some drywall; sometimes there are gaps around the drywall. I might as well caulk that too. I thought I heard worthy or someone mention some sort of code compliant fireproof caulk...whats this called or will the regular old silicon suffice and be compliant.

Oh yea, my buddy thinks I am nuts using XPS, trying to cap it off, trying to be code complaint or better. He thinks I'll never recoup my investment and then to really make me feel bad he said the 1/2" drywall I have been using is not code compliant...I needed 5/8"!

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1/2" drywall is the minimum barrier. You can use a fireproof caulking.

my buddy thinks I am nuts using XPS, trying to cap it off, trying to be code complaint or better. He thinks I'll never recoup my investment

I see non-compliant things every day that could be deadly or costly in the wrong conditions. Just noticed a garage, for instance, where the walls adjoining the living space were sheathed in XPS. Just like I've done. But they "saved" money by not covering it in drywall. On other threads here, posters discuss the aesthetics of railings with little regard for safety. I've got a buddy who drove his mini-truck with no rear brakes for a year till he junked it. It still stopped pretty well and he figured he wouldn't recoup the cost of new brakes. So what the heck. What's the worst that can happen?

Here is a link that might be useful: thermal barriers for spray foam

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I was over at the depot and saw three types of fireprrof caulk ranging from $6 a tube to $16. The most expensive was waterproof but I think thats overkill for this area..even for me. I hope the $6 tube will suffice. I was tempted to just used regular silicon...I'll get the fire stuff though.

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