mold on basement studs

onwalnutAugust 15, 2006

During the building of my house with a full basement there were severals leaks. The A/C was turned on and the condenser pump was not hooked up so the water drained onto the floor of the basement. The builder took the porta-jon away and had the workers using a toilet in the house that turned out not to be hooked up correctly and it flushed into the basement. The Bilcos were not sealed correctly and they leak (a lot) into the basement when it rains. At first the builder would not acknowledge the leaks and insisted we were having ground water issues. I hired an engineer. The A/C and toilet problems were fixed, bilco remains a problem. Now, I think there is mold on the studs in the basement ceiling. What should be done? Who should do it? How do I find out if I'm right about the mold?

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I'm seen mold like that in the basement and found that if it's wiped off with bleach water and a dehumidifier put in, that was the end of it. This is probably NOT the suggested method of solving the problem, that was only my situation though and I can't speak for others. You might want to post over on the building forum though because others might have had similar issues, especially with the contractor telling you the basement entry leaking is not his problem. I feel your pain when it comes to water in the basement though. It's enough to make you wild. Good luck.

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What about using something like Borocare or timbor ?
Apparently they are good for getting rid of fungii (mold) AND critters.

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