Recommended Foundation Wall Height from Outside to the Ground

the-tech-guyAugust 17, 2011

How much should the exterior foundation wall be exposed from the ground outside a home? I am in the process of grading my outside land so the water drains away from my basement but I noticed the ground is about a inch or two away from my siding. That makes it easy for bugs, water, etc. to get in.

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Wood siding manufacturers typically recommend at least a six-inch separation.

In high snow depth climates, up to two feet may be required.

The best time to think about this is before the foundation is installed, so it can be set high enough to give sufficient fall for water runoff.

Builders in my municipality were getting so careless with this elemental principle--setting houses lower than the surrounding soil, for instance--that grading plans independently drawn by specified professionals were required to be filed with each permit application.

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