Drywall taping disaster....tips requested

andrelaplume2August 24, 2009

Ok, so I tried taping a vertical seam about 6 feet long. I started with a 4" knife imbedding the taoe and dragging vertically down. Then I followed up the next day dragging down with a 6" knife. I ended the following day with a 10" knife. I lightly sanded and primed and painted with a Satin paint (I had a gallon left from another project....eventually I'd like to use egshell and cut down on the sheen). This in an inconspicous area. Well then next morning I went down, it looked ok in the dim light that came in from the basement window. It did not look too bad when I turned on an icadecent 100W bulb. It even looked ok when I put the bright flourencent light on above it. BUT....when I shine my 500W halogen you can immediately see my mess. I see (on each side) a jagged vertical line. There is maybe a one foot patch where the line is not noticeable. So, my grade is an 'F'. Its horrible and I need to figure where I went wrong. How did I get this jagged edge? I think during my last once over with the 10" knife...after dragging down, I went prependicular trying to pull harder, especially in the ends to try to 'fan' out the mud on the ends....maybe this is how I got the jagged line? I did sand...maybe too much, maybe not enough. Any tips. I have a few other area I can play in before I need to make the call and bring on a pro...though I'd like to learn how to do this....

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Double post. (running thread elsewhere)

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yes...not everyone goes into both forums...hoping for some advice.

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Sometimes we can be our own worse critic. Are any of your family or friends planning on shining a 500w lamp on your wall?

Do the same thing with a "professional" job and you'll see all kinds of mistakes.

As for being better at mudding, the answer is the same as, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" Practice, my friend.

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