Are Wolf and SubZero worth the price?

EatziJanuary 13, 2014

I am a serious cook ready to remodel my galley kitchen. I need a reliable 30" rangetop, 30" wall oven and 42" built in fridge. I am considering Wolf and Subzero because their products offer all of the features I am looking for but I want to be sure the higher price point for these high end appliances will be worthwhile. My back up is KitchenAid. I have heard pros and cons on all. Any feedback would be most appreciated!

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Yes on the 30" rangetop.

Absolutely on the oven, though there may be better options, just not KA

Most people can tell a difference in the fridges, but those same people often opt to save a few dollars when looking at $10,000 fridges.

Many are satisfied with KA, some are not, and you should dig around to see how the bosses handle problems with their products.

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Seen this thread on your question about subzero?

Here is a link that might be useful: Is subzero worth it?

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Personally, I disagree on the the Wolf Rangetop being the best. I've cooked on both open (Bluestar) and sealed burners (Wolf) and I certainly prefer open. The Bluestar is, imo, far superior because of its build and power. Check them out and make the choice that is right for you. You may be able to do a promotion by purchasing Wolf/Subzero together or you may choose to go another way.

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Having moved frequently I have had KA, Miele, sub zeroes , may tag and GE refrigerators.
The present home's built in was a subzero that failed after 15 years.
Shopping around I bought a subzero for just under 9 thousand this past summer. The prices were 8700 with free delivery, 9700 plus a 250 delivery charge, and another store was charging 9700 with free delivery. I had assumed that all stores were selling the unit at the same cost. Husband was pissed that I had to spend so much.
I had looked at monogram and LG units along with a few other refrigerator but either I did not like the shelves or the replacement fridge would not fit in the refrigerator cabinet.
Back in 2000 I had to replace another failed subzero that was 16 years old. The price at this time was 3 grand. I was stunned to see the six thousand inflation price.

I owned a small Miele with a single door and under freezer. The unit was only five feet high but held a nice assortment of groceries while keeping the food fresh for days. This small Miele held more groceries than a side by side GE refrig I had when living in Atlanta. Bigger does not mean better!

Having had side by sides and the single door panel I prefer the Miele and the subzero. What makes the difference is shelving space. The subzero is designed to hold a huge amount of food so I can pack a turkey along with all the holiday prep in the subzero whereas with the side by side I had to use the garage shelving as my back up refrig. I live in the northeast so temps are below freezing by November . A few times I had to scramble placing the garage store good in coolers when the temperatures hit fifty.

There are many spacious refrigerators out there that are lower in cost than a sub zero but I found that it was only a two grand price difference . I could have bought a less expensive fridge but it would have sat bizarre in the kitchen cabinet.

I love my subzero but there are other great options on the market that function just as well.
I strongly believe that the single or french door refrigs give you the best use of space and having the freezer below is also an easy stock option.

I trimmed by monthly expenses for a few weeks to negate my subzero just to calm the hubby down.
Think of buying your fridge with how you will use it and what you can afford.

Good luck

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never said the wolf 30" was the "best' - only it's waaaaay better than the KA alternative !

hey chick- lots of things have seen a 300% price increase in 12 years.

My insurance
some other appliances
My legal fees
cell phone rates

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we looked at S/Z frig and loved it but did not love the price we looked at Liebherr and bought it for alot less $$$. served same purpose since we wanted to panel/integrate it,... we are very happy with it and its going on 2 1/2 years. very quiet....
check it out as an alternative...
we have the hc2062..french door...
very good reputation and FWIW they were making frigs way before SZ...

we have wolf 30" oven and have been very pleased also, picked up a floor model to save some $$$ and no problems...

we have induction, so cant help u with that since u are going with gas i presume....


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I chose a KA frig (48" sxs)over SZ strictly because I preferred the layout. There was only less than &1000 difference at the time. It has one flaw in that one door sticks out a quarter of an inch. They tried to fix it but the gaskets are just two different sizes. It has run perfectly since 2007.

On the other hand my Wolf DF (36") while having a great functioning oven, is shot after light use of the oven for about 4 1/2 years. The blue porcelain has degraded down to bare metal in places. I can only use it without convection and with a tightly covered dish making sure no glass shards get in the food. Search blue chipping on this forum to read about this. The new model of Wolf ovens have a removable bottom to make it cheaper to fix this. I could get this liner replaced but they will only guarantee the part for one year. The labor starts at $800 with no cap. This is a known issue so spending that much to fix it with no assurance of it lasting would be throwing obey down a rat hole. It is a shame because the oven is great otherwise. If you buy it get the longest extended warranty- 10 years and read it carefully to make sure they don't exclude the porcelain.

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To xedos

And bazooka bubble gum use to be a penny!
Enjoyed the laugh.

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aaaaaah - penny candy. THAT was a loooooong time ago.

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They don't even make the penny in Canada anymore. It cost more to make than its worth

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