selling a house with a wooden basement

michigan_arleneAugust 17, 2006

My mother is trying to sell a house that has a wooden basement. The inspection came back that the membrane between the ground and the wood is punctured and the prospective buyer backed out. Reasonining there was a higher chance of insect infestation.

First, how do they know that the membrane is punctured? How do we repair it, can it be repaired, and is it expensive to repair? We are anxious to sell this house.

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The only way an inspector could say that the membrane is punctured is if there was any visible evidence of dampness or water seepage in the basement. If there is and it is localised, you could have someone dig down the outside at this location and repair any damage to the waterproofing. If there is no indication of anything, ask the inspector to clarify why he thinks the waterproofing is damaged

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Thanks, I think we'll do that. There isn't any dampness or water, so I dont' know how he came up with that.

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