update on move to an apartment

sugar_flDecember 2, 2005

I moved Nov 19th & love it here. Everyone is so nice to me. I don't drive but have no problems finding a ride if I need to go somewhere. I was here Thankgiving alone so one woman invited me to her daughters house to eat with them.

As for noise the floors & cealing are concrete & soundproof. I do hear the TV slightly in the next apt (her livingroom & my bedroom)but she goes to bed long before I do so that's no problem. I am in a corner apt. I am right across the hall from the elevator so can hear laughter from ones waiting for it but again that doesn't bother me. I have talked to a lot & they all only have good things to say about the apts & management. I do find the maintanence a little slow but there is only 1 worker & he has 100 apt to work so I do understand & the bigger problems are taken care of 1st. My problems have all been small like a running toilet. I am just cutting the water off each time I flush. I feel sure it will be fixed tomorrow. I am very satisfied here.


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Glad things are woking out for you!

Haveyou tried posting at the Kitchen Table?

you might like it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Table, part of THS

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Glad it worked out and bless you for not being bothered by little noises.

Fixing a running toilet is easy, when the maintence man comes watch carefully how he repairs it. My guess is that it is either the float needs to be adjusted or the flapper isn't sealing. The float fix is free, if you miss how he does it ask him to show you. The flapper is a two minute repair and costs about $5-$6. Watch how he repairs it, the next time you can fix it and not have to worry about waiting for someone else. In apartment life it helps if you fix the little things and save the complaints for big things.

If it is more and he needs to replace the flush guts, he will replace with the even easier modern disposable parts. Watch how he does it, turning off and draining the water is the hardest part. All new guts are $19.99-$29.99 and takes maybe 15 minutes to put in. Watch so you know when you get a home.

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Hi Dar,

Oh, yes--please come over to the kitchen table as TypoQueen suggested. (Typo never seems to make a typo though ;-o.) You just have to love the people there to make new friends with.

Hope to see you there,

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Keep reading Patti, i make tons of typos (or is it just spelling mistakes?)

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