Finishing Basement Ceiling w Panels?

don46August 14, 2009

I'm building a wine cellar in my basement and want to have an exposed beam look. It is at most 150 sq feet of ceiling. I am thinking of a smooth ceiling panel, cut to fit each of about 10 openings between the joists or beams. I see a product (smooth white panels 12 x 48", Armstrong, at Lowes).

My question is: what is going to be the best way to mount these? I'd like to avoid the suspended ceiling look with the plastic or aluminum track that holds the panel up. I'd like it to look like dray wall/plaster, but I don't want to go to the trouble to do dry wall. Any suggestions?

Also, I have not decided whether to reinstall some insulation, either R19 or foam board. This ceiling will be in the center of the house, beneath the living room. I live in South Carolina, warm climate. I'd welcome your thoughts on how essential insulation is for this space.

Many thanks


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